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Stars-Texans Throwback Project (3 Jerseys added)


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Hi all,


Inspired by the news on Dallas trademarking the Texans name, I've decided to start a new project, a throwback inspired by the Texans.


Beginning of project:


A: Modern, current D, Green Wordmark 







B: Black D, Green Wordmark







C: Green Monotone







D: Green D, Black Wordmark






C&C Appreciated, and vote in the poll!

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I've updated the logos, according to suggestions. The Ds are wider, the S in Stars is separated and larger, and for options B, C, and D, to better define the D, it's now an outline of the current D, much like the original Texans logo.


I've kept the original poll for reference, but vote in the updated poll, and give C&C below!

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4 minutes ago, ldconcepts said:

Okay, what would you like me to do to fix it? 


Don't italicize it. I understand you're creating some consistency within the branding, but it feels too modern to be a throwback, and it doesn't work when it's blown up to a huge size. (Like it is on my computer right now) Try to use what leaked, but with the Stars' colors.


That's my two cents.

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2 hours ago, Zeus89725 said:

I'd go with top right, even if it is really distorted and rough.

Yeah, these were thrown together really quickly based on the C&C, but the version I choose will be cleaned up for the final product.


For now, I'll simplify the question to: modern or throwback word mark?

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