NFL Sports League Crossover Series Project

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In a recent SportsLogos news post about Riddell giving a helmet to the Houston Astros with a design based on the team, author Demetrius Bell brought up the popularity of "crossover designs" in the concept world, combining a sports' uniform with the identity of another sports' team. In the end of the article, he asked the readers which baseball team would look best on a football helmet, which immediately sparked my imagination. After having done a handful of them, I decided I wanted to continue the project as far as my motivation would take me. Sports logos and design is one of my biggest interests, and this kind of project is simple, and addicting. I'm going to try and make what I think would be a realistic interpretation of how MLB (and perhaps other sports) teams' helmets would look like if they played football, and maybe a few alternates and throwbacks in the mix too.


Not sure how much I will do, but I figure I might as well set it up just in case. I'll make a new post and add to the OP when I make new additions. I'm considering doing MLB and NHL requests, but only based on logos/identities, not original concepts!


Clicking each helmet will bring you to the full-size version.


Major League Baseball (1969 - Pres)




AL League Logo                  NL League Logo




Baltimore Orioles                        Arizona Diamondbacks



Boston Red Sox                                         Atlanta Braves



Chicago White Sox                                      Chicago Cubs



Cleveland Indians                                    Cincinnati Reds



Detroit Tigers                                        Colorado Rockies


Houston Astros                              Los Angeles Dodgers



Kansas City Royals                                       Miami Marlins



Los Angeles Angels                            Milwaukee Brewers



Minnesota Twins                                        New York Mets



New York Yankees                            Philadelphia Phillies



Oakland Athletics                                 Pittsburgh Pirates

u3w4CNM.png                           QDYV0Y0.png


Seattle Mariners                                     San Diego Padres



Tampa Bay Rays                             San Francisco Giants



Texas Rangers                                    St. Louis Cardinals



Toronto Blue Jays                         Washington Nationals




Oakland: alternate (2011-current) / throwback (1993-94)

B83pMi6.png        BHyEbvF.png







National Hockey League (NHL)




The only ones I've done so far are the Florida Panthers in celebration of their rebranding, the Carolina Hurricanes alternate, and the Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-2002 throwback.

4mZI6Ik.png        D49kwpG.png         lqgiN0p.png





This format and project are both a work in progress. Feedback on either would be appreciated!



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Great concepts, I've never seen solely helmets before but it's an awesome idea. However for Baltimore I would've done it more like their baseball helmets with the white on the front and I would've done the main canes logo and the new penguins one. But overall this is a great concept, keep up the good work!

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