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The Football Landscape


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In the mid 1980s, the St. Louis Football Cardinals were looking for a new home. Their current stadium was getting old and was in need of a replacement. They later decided to move their franchise to Phoenix. 


But what if this stadium was built?




During the same time in Oklahoma City, a tax plan was being voted on. A part of this plan was to build the stadium above in the State Fairgrounds. A dome with a capacity of 70,000, it would have been sure to gain an NFL team. 


Too bad the bill was shot down.


But what if it hadn't?


Instead of moving to Phoenix, what if the Cardinals went to Oklahoma instead?


How would this butterfly effect the NFL as a whole? 


And most importantly of all, what would the uniforms look like?


Together with @FDW and @neo_prankster, We will be presenting the world where one stadium can change Earth and it's sports forever. 

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It’s 1986.



The St Louis Football Cardinals have just shocked the Nation by moving to Oklahoma City.


Reggie White, Minister of Defense, is causing mayhem left and right in Philadelphia, and has made a name for himself in the NFL by ending the career of Giants QB Phil Simms.


Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, and Eddie DeBartolo are dominating Bay Area football.


A certain team owner is about to apply some common sense and understanding with what might be the best athlete of all time.


And Mike Ditka just established himself as the most overrated head coach of all time by blowing out The Jets in Super Bowl XX.


“Wait, what?” You say. “I thought The Cheatriots got murderlated by DA BURRS.”


You see, this is Alternate History. Were not following the rules of this so called destiny. Were blazing our own trail, creating our twists. In this world The New England didn’t make the playoffs in 1985, and neither The Los Angeles Raiders for that matter. Keep this in mind, because this small shift in the wind is going to big, big changes for these two franchises, and the even more massive, Geological scale changes for the NFL at large.





This is FDW, I’m the writer for The Football Landscape.

Alongside Uglybus and Neoprankster, we are a series that features an alternate development of the NFL, one that goes in a dramatically different direction from the league that you know and love (and hate too, especially Rodger Goodell). While the changes don’t seem big right now, I guarantee you that things will snowball, and snowball hard. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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