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Uniform swap: Larmey Tunsil


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Hey everyone.  I have been a member here for a LONG time but I only just got my password reset after years of trying.  So this will be my first post in I don't know how long.


Right.  So first things first, this is FAR from perfect.  I am still trying to perfect this uniform swap and I will get better as I go.  If you would like to see the work in progress you can visit my Deviant Art page. I have a couple of other uniform swaps there as well.  I am Dolphins fan so that is all I have done so far.  As for the number the official roster has him set as 67 so that is what I went with.  I know it probably won't be the final number but the official roster has him as 67 so that is what I used. If he changes it, well, you all can wait for a real picture. LOL!  Anyway here is the before and after.  Hope you all enjoy.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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