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Personal Branding Idea..


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Hi everyone. Have been wondering around this site forever it feels like and finally decided to post something, mostly for critique and to get another set of eyes on it. I am not an artist by any stretch but I love doodling in my free time and "fiddling" with photoshop and such in my free time. I've always signed off on my doodles with "circa.82" ... my birth year. Don't know why I did that instead of the year I did them or my name or anything, guess since they are mostly just doodles that only I see, then my brain figured I'd know who drew the dang things.


So with that n mind I decided I wanted a small personal logo of some kind. Started with paper and when i got something I thought I liked, I took it to photoshop to rough out a bit there. Just wanted to get some opinions from much more talented people than myself. The symbolism is that circa is often abbreviated as "c." and the image basically contains my entire longhand "signature" in a single shot now with the letter c, the period and the year all represented. It also works out since my last name starts with the letter C.




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I also read it as S2 so the 8 could be reworked a bit. Might pay to consider scale in this as well.  I imagine it will appear quite small in practical applications so weights and negative space will play a large role.  The C and the inner script are quite different in style - I wonder if the container/C was more alike to the inner script it would feel more cohesive?

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