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mbannon's 2016 NFL Uniform Concepts - NFC North (7/25)


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This is, I believe, my third go-around on redesigning uniforms for the NFL, and I'd say it's my best one yet. Just a few ground rules to kick things off:


- I'll begrudgingly be abiding by by the league's one-helmet rule.

- All teams will have the Nike Vapor Speed uniform system.

- Socks are now one-piece, similar to last year's Color Rush, allowing for more flexibility in design.


AFC East | AFC North | AFC South | AFC West

NFC East | NFC North | NFC South | NFC West

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First up, the AFC East.


Buffalo Bills

- Wide, red, tapered stripes on the helmet, jersey, pants, and socks.

- Changed the facemask to blue and removed all navy.

- Alternate is the "standing buffalo" throwback.




Miami Dolphins

- New striping pattern that reflects the design of the logo and makes orange more prominent.

- Wavy striping on the sleeves and socks.

- Dark aqua outlines on the numbers and NOB just looked really cool to me.




New England Patriots

- A bit of a blending of eras here, taking the current look and giving the jerseys traditional shoulder loops (that go all the way around!) and pants stripes based on the logo, similar to their first Flying Elvis set.

- Red alternate jersey, creating a look very similar to their pre-Elvis days.




New York Jets


- Combined the double stripes of their current/original look with a green helmet with the NY logo to bring elements from all eras.

- Jet stream sleeve stripes continue onto the chest, taking advantage of the Vapor Speed jersey's lack of seams.




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These are all mostly great. 


Buffalo: 10/10. Mimicking the stripe from.the logo into the uniforms is cool, modern while remaining true to their history.


Miami: 7/10. It's cool but seems a lil dull. Maybe it's the lack of orange in the numbers. Maybe putting a thicking orange outline aroubd the navy.


New York: 9/10. This just falls short of perfection. Tapering the stripes in the helmet and pants would give it a more aerodynamic feel. Also adding a jet over the NY.


New England: 8/10. Something is slight off with the whites. Maybe it's choosijg a silver outline around the uniform stripes instead of navy. Also.maybe adding a star in the uniforms stripe.


Great job. Can't wait to see more.

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Not bad so far.


I like the Bills except for the throwback - I've always found that uniform overrated, and the standing buffalo is a boring static blob of a logo. Neither of that is your fault, though.


The Patriots concept isn't bad, but the shoulder loops look out-of-place compared to the rest of the uniform. Maybe if they matched the numbers, they'd look better.


The sleeve stripes on the Dolphins and Jets are extremely similar. I don't think that would go over well with the fans.


Can't wait to see more!

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Buffalo:  Perfect


Miami:  Love the inclusion of more orange, would change the facemask to aqua though and I think the numbers would look better outlined in orange.


Jets:  Love the jersey but it seems out of place striping wise with the helmet and pants.  I think it would look better if the helmet and pants striping mimicked the jersey.  Also agree that the NY needs something.


Pats:  I have never understood silver for them.  They should be RW&B imo.  Not sure I like the difference in the jersey and pants striping.  

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Some responses to feedback...


Miami: I know they've always had the orange outlined numbers, but I went with the dark aqua to match the interior part of the striping pattern. And I think the subtlety helps the striping stand out.


Pats: The shoulder loops are the same width as one of the red pants stripes, so I feel like there's enough consistency. And I tried about every color for outline on the white jersey loops, and silver looked the best IMO.


Jets: I'll play with the socks to make them match the jersey striping, which would help make the jersey striping less random. But that may end up looking too similar to the Dolphins.

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Apologies for the lack of posts, the holiday weekend got in the way. Up next is the NFC East.


Dallas Cowboys

- Went a whole different route here, with pseudo-stars on the sleeve caps/shoulders.

- Return of the classic number font.

- Standardized the colors, going with navy and silver.




New York Giants

- All jerseys and pants now feature Northwestern stripes, utilizing blue, red, and grey.

- White jersey striping is taken from their current alternate pants, which I really like.

- Alternate red jersey returns after a 9-year hiatus.



Philadelphia Eagles

- Black and charcoal be gone! Simplified to a midnight green and silver color scheme.

- Two racing stripes on the jerseys and pants, with the sleeve caps also featuring reflective feathers.

- New number font is a block base, with tweaks to reflect the wordmark.





Washington Warriors *ducks and runs the other way*

- I'm not super gung-ho about the Redskins changing their name, I just feel that it's eventually going to happen.

- New logo features simplified feathers, a W with three stars as on the DC flag, and a criss-crossed double stripe around the edge.

- Tweaked the classic double stripes to criss-cross in the middle...no specific reason, I just thought it looked good.



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This is a interesting bunch, really great ideas here overall!


Cowboys: I like that you standardized the colors more. The design here is pretty interesting, really out of the box and I like that but I don't if it is the view throwing me off or what but something seems kind of off about the sleeve to me. I'm assuming the point that is visible is the top point of the star? Maybe try centering it up on shoulder a little bit more so that it appears on both the front and back view? I don't know it just feels odd to me that it only appears on the front but I really like the idea here.


Giants: Nice and clean cut which is what the Giants should have IMO.


Eagles: Nailed it, this looks beautiful. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the collar, I think you could either ditch it completely or add another stripe at the top to match the sleeve stripe's style.


Warriors: Love the criss-cross stripe. I really have no critiques for this one, the logo looks awesome as well.

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I like standardizing on navy for Cowboys, and I'm assuming you got rid of the green pants with the white jerseys. 

Like the Kelly green Jets, but I'd go with Kelly also for the Eagles. I actually thought there was a chance the Eagles were going to go back to Kelly green. 

Also I like the Jets with their traditional white helmets, not green.

I prefer teams with white helmets to wear white pants with their white jerseys. Love this all white look, and wish my Cardinals would do this along with getting rid of the large red shoulder area with their white uniforms. I'm guessing that these combos you show can be mixed up, with matching pants and jerseys as an option for both all white or all color. 

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@bigmike The Cowboys star would be centered on the top of the shoulder. The way the template is set up makes it hard to center things there, as they end up too close to the NOB. You'll notice the TV numbers aren't centered on the shoulders either. Also, I wasn't sure about the Eagles collar stripe, so I'll probably update and remove it.


@RickAZ I didn't want to bring back kelly green for the Jets and Eagles, and I like the Eagles midnight green much more than the Jets dark green. So I stuck with it. And yes, the pants options are interchangeable!

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