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You know, your work is nicely done and always well-rendered, but to just pop it up on the boards without any context does it a disservice. Tell us a little more about your work. Why this sponsor? Why this driver? Why the technique or the colour scheme or the font for the number? 

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Driver is me, reason for Pepsi Max is because it is my Favourite drinking and I used ever since NASCAR 09 came out. Reason for the design was looking back at the Pepsi Max logo and seeing the paint splatter on the logo, turning that into the design, then taking all the 3 colors of the logo in to the paint splatters.  Reason for the number I race it is because my favourite driver Kyle Busch raced that number when I liked him and ever or most sports jersey I had when  I was a kid was number 5. 



logo for the Idea of the paint splatter 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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