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Trump/Pence introduce new logo, are mocked, withdraw it


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Without getting into any of the politics, there was an interesting logo story out of the Trump camp. 


They unveiled this logo shortly after Mike Pence was added to the ticket:




Didnt take long at all for the mockery to start.




It's kind of shocking that they didn't foresee this, although the campaign has been so loosely organized (again, not politics but a simple statement of fact) that maybe we shouldn't have been surprised. 


In any case, the Trumpy-pumpy logo didn't last a day before the campaign pulled it in favor of a text-only version.  


I wonder if they'll try again with a new graphic design or just stick with the text through November. 

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Ironically, this logo would've worked much better before Trump had a running mate - a simple blue T with the red and white stripes would've looked fine. The interlocking T and P just screw it up massively.

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First of all, I find it hilarious that they nixed the flag aspect of the logo because it got dumped on. That's why logo designs are a long process and you almost never roll with the first idea you come up.


Second, TRUMP and PENCE are both 5 letters. If I'm designing a logo I'm happy when I get to work with matching values like that. It's make everything easier because there's less guesswork, less opportunity for elements to be misaligned or create odd shapes when the two words are stacked on top of each other and yet even with that gift the designer still managed to botch the placement. Even if Trump's name is bigger (because of course it is) there's no excuse for the letters not to line up. The U in trump and the N in pence not being aligned is driving me nuts. I can see exactly what the designer did in Illustrator - he took TRUMP, set a guide on the middle point, adjusted the kerning on PENCE, and then matched the middle of PENCE on the middle guide with TRUMP, which created the misalignment of most of the letters. What I would've done was set the N to be perfectly line up with the middle of the U, and then worked the kerning off of that. Or line each letter in PENCE to be in the exact middle of the letter above it. Any art director worth a s*** would've caught that in one second. 


Illustrator has some automated functions in place for precise spacing, but sometimes it's best to space things the old fashioned way and use your eyeballs.



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On 7/17/2016 at 6:01 PM, Zeus89725 said:

The idea behind the logo was ok, but it was poorly executed. The previous and now current logo are much worse and much more bland.

I agree. 


On 7/21/2016 at 0:19 AM, ohryan said:

I'm a fan of interlocking letter logos, so I didn't think this one was too bad. I totally missed the "dirty" aspect of it. Probably because I'm not 12.

With this said, I'm a fan of interlocking letters as well (aka "monograms"). But it was DEFINITELY poorly placed which led him to renew the logo to a more bland logo to "play it safe".

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I'm not sure they really made the conscious choice to "play it safe" with this, just that they panicked and chopped off the worst part of the logo.  This campaign has stumbled from one self-inflicted crisis to another, and the logo is but one of the more recent and more memorable. 


Just going to leave this here for the historical record:




I do do get a laugh out of this.   Well played, Ms. Bee. 

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