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An idea and concept of mine I have had for awhile but am now thinking about taking seriously is a virtual olympics event(s). I would like it to involve actual broadcasts say for youtube or twitch and have social media involved with the whole nine yards. The question is.......how many of you would be interested in a social media/produced event like this? If there isn't a big interest then I won't attempt to pull this off but if enough of you are interested in this being accomplished then I am game. Also it does not have to be sports that are currently in the olympics, for example motocross. But I would like to hear whether or not your interested in watching an event like this unfold and what sports you want to have participate in this. Lots of research and input from you all would be key but what do you all think of this?


Side Note: A video game has to currently exist of the sport you want so content and replays can be produced for this event. 


Let me know!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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