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Premier League of North American Basketball


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Hi! I'm new to the forums. This is my fictional professional basketball league, the Premier League of North American basketball. It's a 40 team league with an Eastern Conference table and a Western Conference table, and the winners of each table play a series for the championship. I'm not good at drawing, by hand or digitally, so I was hoping that any of you incredibly talented people would make logos and/or jerseys for me. I put in the team colors for the teams. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to undertake this project!


Montreal Musketeers- blue, gold 

Toronto Tories- Red, white 

Boston Massacre- red, white, green 

New York Empire- silver, black

New York Subways- black, orange, purple 

Detroit Motor- Red, black, blue 

Philadelphia Framers- tan (the color of the paper the Constitution is written on) and black 

Washington Commanders- red, white, blue 

Baltimore Bombardment- Blue, white 

Cincinnati Centurions- red, gold 

Charleston Swamp Foxes- red, brown

Atlanta Travelers- red, black 

Carolina Kings- purple, Carolina blue 

Miami Missiles- red, blue, brown

Tampa Tortoises- Blue, green

Kentucky Colonels- purple, white

San Juan Leones- red, yellow, blue

Chicago Outfit- Black, white

Nashville Mountaineers-Black, green, gray

Santo Domingo Draques- red, blue


St. Louis Crusaders- yellow, white,

Minnesota Marauders- Orange, yellow

New Orleans Hickory- Brown, green

Kansas City Stallions- black, blue

Dallas Colts- Brown, gold

Houston Apollos- Orange, black

Monterrey Vaqueros- brown, black

Denver High- green, white

Calgary Bighorns- green, gold, brown

Arizona Scorpions- red, black

Vancouver Beavers- brown, blue

Seattle Emeralds- Green, white

Oregon Trail- green, blue

San Francisco Cables- red, white

Las Vegas Blackjacks- black, red

Los Angeles Osos- brown, black

Los Angeles Dominions- silver, gold

San Diego Gauchos- Celeste blue, white

Honolulu Islanders- blue, tan

Anchorage Wild Salmon- salmon, black, green


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