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Tyler Crowder

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39 minutes ago, JJ Anderes said:

Its a good start, but I would add some color and maybe change the font.


Agreed. To me, the black and white version looks like a band logo. I'm not sure why.


The 'TC' is really subtle, even to the point of looking like an odd symbol, but it's still solid. It's a great idea. I just don't know if that thin of a 'C'/'T' works. Maybe use a different font for that too?


If you're focusing on seeing the 'T' better, rotate the logo 90 degrees so the 'T' is straight up. If you're focusing on the 'C', then keep it the same.


I'm also not entirely sold on orange and blue. It's an upgrade, but I feel like you can do better.

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As a personal logo, there's way too many things going on. Your primary mark, which is the CT (I am guessing), is so overwhelmed by the text and surrounding roundel that it's almost lost. How would everything look in a 1/2" square box? Try looking at everything in a number of different sizes. Your logo looks more like a hockey or basketball logo.


Your Photoshop skills seem clean, but you need to work on your design skills, so you will understand why the inconsistent line weights and overwhelming text are throwing off the balance of things.


Work on the CT mark first. Make that a strong logo that can stand on its own, then work on integrating it with a wordmark.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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