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Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Concept


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It's a shame that white-at-home doesn't really happen, even with third jerseys now, because that would be fantastic. It's a great jersey that is very different, yet familiar, and captures the throwback well.


I'd like to see if you can come up with a good dark version of this, just so it's more realistic to use, but I can imagine that'll be a real challenge

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5 minutes ago, ldconcepts said:

That's a throwback to the Quakers logo.

Ok. I looked it up. I didn't realize that it was tilted that much. I like it. 

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6 minutes ago, flyersfan said:

I'm a flyers fan (if you couldn't tell) and that's a great concept. wish you could add a splash of white in there, but it looks awesome. Id buy that jersey.

Glad to hear that, especially coming from a Flyersfan! (Ahem... ;))


I'll work some white in, which'll match more with their current look. I was trying to throw back to Quakers days, but I'm sure this'll work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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