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Hand-Drawn Baseball Drawings IV: Redesigning the Montreal Expos


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I've returned from my vacation to the East Coast! :D 


Instead of immediately head-diving into another soccer series, our tour's stop in Montreal got me thinking: what if the Montreal Expos still existed today instead of moving to Washington? And so this concept idea was born, which involves updating the Expos look to a more 2010s look.


I only have sketches right now, as I'll use everyones feedback to help build the final concept.




Firstly, I plan on retiring the "eMb" cap logo in favor of a new "fleur-de-M" logo, with an "M" (for Montreal) below a fleur-de-lys. This new cap logo will carry on to the primary roundel as well as the "MTL" tertiary logo. As far as wordmarks, though, I decided on keeping the Expos' final wordmarks with slight tweaks (mostly in the "M" in the road wordmark). Also listed are the four color combinations that you guys can decide on.


This concept is nowhere near complete, and I'll certainly need everyone's help on this! :) I'll also debut a revised baseball template with the final concept.


~ Daryl


PS: I bought an Expos shirt at Parc Olympique and I absolutely love it!

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Same as the others i'm going with the french colors, also my only real concern with the logos is that on the cap logo i think the fleur is a little too big and overpowers the M a bit, maybe something like the tertiary would be better, can't wait for the unis :)

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