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NFL: 32 Teams to 16 Teams (Bay Area Raiders 1/32)


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This Here is a concept based off an event in which all 32 NFL Teams had to combine into 16 Teams, therefore each team had to combine with one other. Some of the fits were easy, such as the Raiders and 49ers and The Giants and Jets. Too add realistic elements, there were naturally some that didn't make as much sense, such as the Patriots and Titans and the Packers and Eagles. I have already decided which teams will combine, so i will be posting only the Concepts of the uniforms and logos.


First Up is the Bay Area Raiders, who will play in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.


There were many iconic colors with both of these teams, so the overall result ends up a bit cluttered, I am looking for ways to simplify it.


Bay Area Raiders Uniform.jpg

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