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Minor Football League (*Hawai'i posted 1/17/17)


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3 hours ago, Dan O'Mac said:

My belief is that the NFL parent teams should have their logo represented somewhere on the jersey.


Also, this looks like a Falcons affiliate, not a Titans affiliate. Are the colors not intended to match the parent's colors?


Two things here, 


Firstly, I don't disagree with the logo on the jersey. That was actually what I wanted to do but I felt like having both would be too bulky, I don't want to overload the jersey with patches. If I ever expand to where all 32 teams have their own minor league I would put a patch of the parent team's jersey on there but I don't like having two at the moment which is why I opted for the helmet decals instead.


Secondly, no they don't need or have to match either one of the parent teams. Since the league was already existing as it's own semi-pro league, they already had these logos and colors. It just so happened that the Gladiators had similar colors as the Falcons. I would rather go for uniqueness for a team than just matching them to an NFL team.

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Was really hoping for some more feedback but maybe another set will get the ball rolling. I'm still going to hold on how this current season will unfold until I get all of the teams posted so for now here is the next team the Albuquerque Green Chilies.


ALBUQUERQUE GREEN CHILIES (Arizona Cardinals/Indianapolis Colts Affiliate): Logo Sheet

Albuquerque's roster consist of players who were not resigned by their former minor league teams for the upcoming season but it also includes all of the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals practice squad members. The starting QB position is a key question mark for the Green Chilies this season as they have former Miami (OH) QB Zac Dysert (Cardinals PS) and former Miami Hurricane QB Stephen Morris (Colts PS), they also brought in the University of Alabama's National Champion QB Jake Coker on a minor league deal after he spent training camp with the Cardinals. One of the most notable players from the practice squad includes former University of New Mexico WR Marquis Bundy who is apart of the Cardinals and is playing in the same state in played college in. The team has a decent core group of players but will have a lot of developing throughout the season. 


Primary Uniforms: The Green Chilies have one of the most unique names and uniforms across the league. Nike decided to take inspiration from their former Minor League club, the Albuquerque 47's with the uniforms (ignore the undershirt/gloves/cleats) by bringing back a shoulder yoke. The Green Chilies have the most unique helmet in the league using the "fire" from their logo on the helmets. The uniforms utilize a black/neon green color scheme with touches of red/orange gradient also seen in the primary logo. This uniform set is extremely modern, I wanted to be creative with it and I feel like it works for a minor league team fairly well but it was one of the toughest teams to come up with ideas for so I'd love to hear any feedback y'all have! This is the first team posted that has completely original logos and uniforms created by myself. I went with all-black and all-white for the primary uniforms because the green color is so "loud" that I felt it worked better as a secondary color on the primary sets.



Alternate Uniforms: The neon green becomes the focus of the alternate sets as they get an all-green set for the alternate home uniform and have the options of using the neon green pants with their away uniforms. The Green Chilies decide not to include alternate socks/undershirt/gloves with their sets because of the balance with all of their logos/colors used on all of those pieces.



So there is the first expansion team of the 2016 season, we will go back to one of the original teams with the Boise Grizzlies being up next!


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56 minutes ago, Silence of the Rams said:

Unless I'm Not seeing it. There should be a patch so team scouts can look for specific players. It doesn't have to be huge but it would make scouts lives easier 


There are helmet decal stickers on the back.


I stated earlier the reason I haven't included a NFL team's logo as a patch specifically on the jersey is because I don't want two large patches of each logo on the jersey, makes it too bulky and takes away from the design.


However, I may have a compromise, the best idea I can come up with for this at the moment would be to include both logos in a roundel styled patch and include on the jersey similar to how college teams like the SEC include an SEC patch. I may give this a shot but the patch would have some negative space inside it since two logos have to be included and I don't know just how identifiable it would be to viewers and scouts.


Only other thing I could do is include the AFC's team logo on one sleeve and the NFC's team logo on the other but my fear is that it would clash with the design too much especially with teams that feature sleeve stripes.

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2 hours ago, bigmike said:


There are helmet decal stickers on the back.

This is what i was thinking. I see what you have on the Chiles, but I'd make the decals about 2x as big. 

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6 hours ago, Uglybus said:

This is what i was thinking. I see what you have on the Chiles, but I'd make the decals about 2x as big. 


Good idea, I can make them bigger and also show a zoomed in image of what they look like on the back. That is kind of what I was going for by posting the NFL logos at the bottom but the decals are not exactly the same as they are in black and white.


Really appreciate the comments, I've put a good bit of time in this project and even though it is moving a little slow at the moment I've begun to fear that it is just dead in the water with no interest. What does everyone think of the actual design behind the logos and uniforms though? There hasn't been much feedback on that kind of stuff which is what I was really looking forward to.

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1 hour ago, Dan O'Mac said:

I think they'd only need one NFL logo decal though, as the player for the Chiles from the Cardinals wouldn't need a Colts decal, and vice versa.


That is a good point! If this were the case, certain players would not have a patch at all (like Trent Richardson on Alabama). Makes sense though, I like it, I'll probably just go with a patch of the logo on the jersey and keep the small helmet decals, the patch would look just like the primary logos in showing at the bottom of the presentation.

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On November 18, 2016 at 7:30 PM, 29texan said:

Great concept. 

And again, sorry for not having your stadiums. The last 5 months have been kickin' my ass. But keep it up.


On November 18, 2016 at 7:34 PM, GFB said:

Green Chillies design is fun. However, why does the gradient on the helmet go (from top to bottom) red-to-orange, but on the jersey go orange-to-red?


Thanks for the comments guys, I completely understand @29texan this entire fall semester has really kicked my ass as well and I just haven't had the time I had this past spring and summer to work on stuff like this. I am going to pick this back up over Christmas time though because I will have a break from school and work. I have too much done for the project not to finish it but I may have to figure out a way to streamline everything a little bit better, I may also try using some system to create rosters for each team off of Madden 17 similar to how the original Minor Football League was run.


@GFB Good question, I played around with the gradients in those two areas so much that it kind of just led to a design flaw on my part. When I come back to this I'll just flip the red and orange to match the helmet!

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57 minutes ago, osctheg said:

what team is johnny manziel on? lol


I actually have planned for him to be on San Antonio although I will say he probably did not end up playing much this season given the fact that he has had plenty of reasons to be suspended. Once I get started on this again, we will see who else they have on the roster and if the Nightmare can get through the season with their troublesome QB!

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Okay guys, time to pick this back up again! First of all I want to say thanks to the guys who have continued to show some interest, I don't believe I have ever had a project go with this long of a hiatus and continue to work on it or complete it and it definitely motivates me to want to continue the work on it since some people have continued showing interest even when it looked like it was dead in the water.


With that being said, I have come pretty close to completing the rosters for each team. I am going to update the first post and turn it a table of contents at some point. My biggest goal is creating a blog to archive things like the history's backstory. I'll finish out showing you guys the uniforms and posting results from the past seasons with a much smaller summarized story of those seasons and than I will post some weekly uniform match-ups between each game as I "simulate" the season. I'm going to do some things like "NFL Pride Week" which would be like this league's version of color rush, each team will likely feature a very colorized set that feature's their parent team's colors and logos. I'll also post stadiums/fields for each team after I get through with the uniforms. I want to give a shoutout to @Uglybus for sketching out OKC's stadium, I have it completed as a 2D graphic through GIMP. @29texan and @StaatsBrett helped me out with a couple others as well, we never all got the finished projects completely ready but I'll post what they were able to get done and see if I can come up with a graphic similar to what I did with OKC for some of the other stadiums. Boise will be posted in the next couple of days, I will try to get around to posting the Bronx as well as an update to Albuquerque's sleeves.


I will probably pretend like the league has run along side the NFL all year long although I may just decide to have the season start in January similar to how the old league was run. Since this is all fictional, it really doesn't matter much but it could be cool to come up with the stories and such for everyone to follow along with throughout the months of January and February. If you have any input on this let me know and you can help me decide.


Stay tuned!

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