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Graphic Means (a new design documentary)


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Saw this trailer for a new documentary on the evolution of graphic design production over the last 40-or-so years:




As a young(ish) designer whose earliest experience only goes back to the dying days of Quark, I'm really interested in how radically different the job of graphic designer was as recently as the 70s and 80s. The Mad Men production scenes with Sal, and later Stan, were fascinating to me, and I'm glad this documentary is coming along to flesh out what the job was really like back then. It's almost a completely different profession now, which is a good thing because I'm terrible at manual production.

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that looks really interesting. its hard to fathom the work process back then because everything is so easy now. how much thought they put into type and the craftsmanship of it is something modern designers need to get back to. today, designers so often will just type a word/paragraph out and leave it. 


related; check out Sign painters too - http://www.signpaintersfilm.com/#watch

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