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Remorse Gaming Logo & Identity


Hello everyone, Derrick here from Dasedesigns.com This is another Sports Logo Concept & Identity that I created as a personal project. Featuring a sleek, clean and simple Dragon Logo. After creation of the design & identity it was later purchased by "Remorse Gaming" for their new organization! Check out the final presentation below!








Thanks for Watching!

Check the links below for more!

SpeedArt: Dragon Logo Speedart

Behance Presentation: Dragons Full Presentation

My Website: Gaming Team Logos

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Great concept, my only critique is that the tail obscures the bottom part of the R, which muddles the ability of someone looking at the brand for the first time to immediately establish what it says. Shrinking the R and S so they aren't obscured might actually improve the overall look. That way you don't have this:


"Hey, sweet logo! What's is say? Remodse? Remoose? Remorse? Oh well, that Dragon is B-A!"

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The dragon looks great! Also some nice typo.


But I have to agree with @BeerGuyJordan. The tail covering half of the "R" and part of the "S" in the word mark logo is just too much for me. In addition, the primary logo's first three letters are partly covered by the dragon's underjaw. Although one can easily figure out it's the word "REMORSE", I think aesthetically it's a step in the wrong direction.



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