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IYO, What's the Worst Dressed City/State/Province in Sports?


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The title says it all.


The reason I brought this up is because me & a buddy were discussing ugly uniforms. It made me notice that the State of Colorado has ugly jerseys galore.


MLB- The Rockies are a team that all love to hate on here. The too-much black, the vest jersey, everything about the set looks bland and bad.


NHL- The Avs wear RBK Edge Piped awfulness and I hate the new C shoulder patch logo. And I don't care, that alternate jersey is bland and needs tweaking. Plus, Navy and Maroon don't work often.


NBA- The Nuggets jerseys looked better before the unnecessary wordmark & number colour change they made last year, which I still never got. Why use black numbers? The yellow alternate jersey looked better before they changed the wordmark too to that Rainbow- era wordmark last year too and that jersey was fine and should be the basis for a new set. That sleeved alternate (The White-Gold jersey) is meh. The jersey itself is awful, but the shorts look okay.


NFL- I don't care how iconic you think they are, the Broncos look dated. Now that Manning is gone, this should be the time to change and re-modernize one of your much better looking sets.


MLS- The Rapids are nothing special & that yellow jersey they wear is ugly.


So, just my thoughts. Who do you guys nominate or do you agree with my choice of Colorado?

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Orignially thought this said best, but as for worst...Tampa. Hands down.


Bucs are a tire-fire with their digital alarm clock numbers and jerseys that wouldn't cut it in the Arena League. Rays abandoned a unique look for a painfully generic one.

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Denver is pretty brutal. I think the Broncos have one of the ugliest logos/colors/uniforms in the league. 


Another bad one is AZ/Phoenix...


The Coyotes are better now, but just plain and boring... Way too safe.  Plus, I hate that maroon and I can't stand the "sand" color. Their originals were terrible, too.


The Diamondbacks have a cool snake logo, but that's it. Their 'A' is lame, the colors are lame (same as Coyotes). Even their throwbacks (that get a lot of love) are ugly. 


The Cards are safe and simple. Their 90s are much better. Too much black in the new ones.


The Suns had one of the best brands in the 80s and 90s, now they are horrid. They took away the purple!

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