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World Hockey League 1991-92 (GMs Needed!)


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The year is 1990. Gretzky and Hull are in the prime of their careers, the world hasn't yet been dazzled by Pavel Bure, and the goalies were looser than the slots at an off-strip Vegas casino. 


With the Soviet Union in its final days, the top Soviet sports authorities convened with the top North American ones and decided to create a new hockey league with players able to move freely from nation to nation. 


The 20-team league had a draft to disperse the players from the Soviet League and NHL, but for the most part, the Russian players stayed in the Soviet Union and the North American and European players stayed in North America and Europe. The teams are broken down into two conferences: North American and European and further broken down into the American and Canadian Divisions and Eastern and Western Divisions in Europe.




This project will use my artwork and a hockey game simulator that I've developed to simulate from the 1990-91 season until today. The focus is not so much on the fantasy side of it but the uniforms and evolution of a hockey league.


What I need are some GMs to make this more realistic. 


As far as the GMs role is concerned, you will set your lineup every 4 games (or I can automatically), trade players, sign free agents and take part in the rookie draft each season. Points will be given to each GM for wins, successful free agent signings, trades, and huge points for multi-player trades. The points will be added up at the end of the season, and GMs will have the choice for a redesign, new logos, new uniforms, etc.


One of the cool things about starting in 1990-91 (in addition to it being my favorite season of NHL hockey) is that you have the benefit of knowing how each player's career goes and can sign that low level free agent or draft that depth player that will be great in 5 years. You can choose to go all out to win the championship or build a dynasty. The ratings are taken from some 1990-91 mods for NHL 09 as well as from a statistical analysis of players' performance in that year.


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The first team I will be revealing are the Amsterdam Royals. The Royals use the color orange as their main color to recognize the House of Orange-Nassau who rule over the Netherlands. 


They are led by the star-studded top line of Mark Recchi, Dale Hawerchuk, and Mike Modano. In net, they feature the tandem of Kirk McLean and Mike Richter.




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Great idea, fantastic reasoning behind the league concept, and that's a solid set of teams that's clearly missing some big cities, but that can be handled through expansion.


Looks like you already have most of this done and now you're here to present it, and I can't wait.


Can't say I'm interested in the fantasy aspect, but I really dig the hypothetical you've set up here.

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Up next are the Boston Irish. They are led by the high scoring forwards Joe Sakic and Dave Gagner as well as the leadership of veteran Craig MacTavish and the dangerous Paul Coffey. There are also some younger players on the roster who look to have a promising career ahead of them.




The Irish have been claimed!

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Next we have the Brooklyn Emperors with a simple monochrome look popular in Brooklyn. The Emperors have some promising talent that will keep them competitive for the next decade or two as well as the solid goaltending of Jon Casey that will make them a contender this season.




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41 minutes ago, JosiahWVU said:

This is great. Sign me up!


PM me your top picks from each conference.


Up next are the Chicago Cardinals. This team gets its branding from the state bird as well as being a throwback to a former franchise in Chicago. The Cards are led by speedy scorer Theo Fleury as well as young hometown favorite goalie Ed Belfour.





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3 minutes ago, moonwalker said:

Feel like a little kid at Christmas. Excited to see what's next. Sign me up.


PM me your top picks



Up next are the Cologne Magi. They are named for the relics at the Cathedral in Cologne which are said to be from the Magi or 3 wise men. The Magi feature the two-headed beast of Ron Hextall and Chris Terreri in goal as well as Tomas Sandstrom and Vladimir Konstantinov scoring goals with Marty McSorely providing some muscle.




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Up next are the Copenhagen Hammers. Their logo and branding comes from the hammer of Thor which represents the Viking culture of Denmark. The Hammers have a powerful top line of Cam Neely, Adam Creighton, and Pat LaFontaine. Goaltending is strong for the Hammers with Don Beaupre and my personal hero Tim Cheveldae in goal.




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I'm loving this. I don't have time for a full commitment, but I'll be following this closely. The league logo is incredible, and is exactly what I imagine would be used in this scenario. (But this scenario is a LITTLE unlikely; can't imagine the NHL parting with most of its teams and identities, especially the those with tons of Cup-winning history, but it's very creative and well executed.) I'm also excited because of the time of the startup, which is bordering on the edge of the wild years of design trends of the 90s.


Amsterdam has a solid colour scheme fitting for their country already used in the NHL, but makes orange primary, and fittingly uses the Flyers' design. The logo is perfect, traditional, and balances out on the uniform.


Boston is a traditional look you'd expect from pro teams of Beantown, and uses a great coulour scheme that makes a connection with the Celtics.


Brooklyn's logo in incredible, a timeless look that looks even better on a jersey. The uniform hints of the upcoming BFBS of the 90s, all the while staying traditional and subtly jabbing the Islanders of our time.


Chicago's logo, again, is simply put outstanding, and the uniforms reference the Hawks while being their own. I've never noticed how well yellow could be incorporated into their look. (Hrm, hrm...)


Cologne... I see some Capitals elements, Barons elements... But it all ties together incredibly well, and the full arm design is genius.


Copenhagen's identity is a great idea, logo well executed in the style of the 90s. White jersey is fantastic, but while I like the idea of matching striping, the black just falls flat and is too simple. (Side note, I don't expect you to "fix" any of this, because in these fictional timelines, there's a fine line between personal preference and what the team would do in the context of the era. And of course, you've already put in the hard work of already doing this (almost?) entire series already, and I don't expect you to tweak all of that...)


Really enjoying this so far! I hope this gets finished!

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Up next are the Halifax Bombers. The team's name is from the British Halifax bomber of WWII which was sometimes piloted by Canadian pilots. The design is traditional and meant to convey a military look. The team has some solid goaltending from Ranford and Fuhr as well as some solid D from Scott Stevens.




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Ok, here's an update on GMs:


PRAGUE GOLEMS - RedfieldNick

TORONTO BUCKS - Timberwolf



Italic teams have been claimed. If we don't get enough GMs to cover each team, GMs can get one of their other choices as a second team.

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