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Chris Creamer and Sportslogos.net need your help with MLB mock-ups.


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Chris Creamer and Sportslogos.net need your help. We're looking for MLB uniform enthusiasts, and designers who'd like to volunteer to create MLB uniform mock-ups for the site. Chris initially asked me if I could help out, but I'm a bit tied up in other projects. So he has given me the green light to seek help from the public.

What is currently needed:
Arizona (all jerseys),
Houston (new navy blue alternate),
San Diego (new home, new brown alternate, new blue camouflage),
Milwaukee (new blue retro alternate),
Minnesota (new red alternate)



Below is the prefered template we'd like used on the site.
(template by Bmac)Bmac's Baseball UniformTemplate_Full_Blank.png

You can download this SVG. template <here>



Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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