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Best looking college hockey jerseys/uniforms?


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Just a thread to share your opinions on what some of you think are the best looking college hockey jerseys/uniforms. (Home + Road + Alternate + Specialty) (Past & Present)


Here are a few of my favs in no particular order.


Minnesota Golden Gophers current road jersey they used from 2005-Pres.


(Recommend visiting this site for complete Golden Gophers hockey uniform history - http://history.vintagemnhockey.com/page/show/893654-u-of-m-uniform-evolution-1922-2014)


retired Green North Dakota Fighting Sioux jersey



and the more recent ND jerseys




Michigan Wolverines home 2010-11? home and 2011-12 yellow alternate.



and Wolverines 2009-10 yellow alternate.



Boston College current road.



Air Force road jersey (year used?)

maxresdefault 653h65h65h65.jpg


and last but not least the Ohio State Buckeyes current home.






So lets hear your opinions of what some of the best looking uniforms in college hockey are. Any of the ones I shared, crack your top picks?


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39 minutes ago, chcarlson23 said:

The Golden Gophers new Alt. jersey is FANTASTIC! Also, the gophers still wear those maroon jerseys as their road jerseys...

Image result


Yeah true, those are pretty decent jerseys. Thanks, I wasn't sure of the year, as the site I checked only said didn't list it past 2013.


Actually I overlooked the correct date on that jersey, my error.

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2 minutes ago, Luke_Groundrunner said:


Yeah true, those are pretty decent jerseys. Thanks, I wasn't sure of the year, as the site I checked only said didn't list it past 2013.

Yeah the website makes it seem like the cut of the jersey is an entirely different jersey... Specifically with the Nike Swift cuts... It also has separate jerseys for special patches on the jersey... :D

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Especially like the version of the UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth) Bulldogs with this striping pattern:




University of Toronto Varsity Blues:






Local university team, Lakehead Thunderwolves, may not have the best jerseys but they are well above average:







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I like North Dakota's. The green they use is ideal to work with black. 


I'm a sucker for black/purple/silver/grey so Niagra looks good to me. 


Looking at the wall of each program's jersey that was on display during the Frozen Four, I was surprised at the relative abundance of green and yellow teams. 

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36 minutes ago, DiePerske said:

objectively, likely not the best but i just love penn states

Michigan-Penn-St-Hockey.jpgIncluding; or perhaps especially, the contrasting nameplate. one of those trends I(unpopular, i know) wish never died

The nameplates are one thing I love about Penn State's uniforms. Also, I love stripes on hockey helmets (UM, tOSU, Penn St.) 

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Gotta represent the C.I.S.  University of Alberta Golden Bears.



All of the women's teams are called the Pandas, thus the panda on the shoulder.  Might be the only university where the men's and women's teams have completely different names.




Western Mustangs from Ontario.  Could live without the logo and Under Armour logo on the socks.  I didn't even know they were into hockey.





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