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The Thread About Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Alex Houston

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Not much on the boards these days in terms of tennis discussion so with the dance at New York getting started, I thought this would be a good time to get it started. 


Many questions loom on the board this side. Since I don't follow the women's game at all, I'm just going to focus on the men's since not only am I more well versed in the players, but generally find their matchups more entertaining.


Novak has many questions this year. He says he has 'personal problems' and got bounced way earlier than expected in London and lost to the comeback kid Del Potro in Rio a few weeks back. I suspect he'll right the ship and get back to the semis, but if he doesn't I suspect the questions will linger in his mind.


Rafa rejoins the fray, though my prediction is an exit somewhere in the round of 16 or the quarterfinals. I'd love to see him tie or surpass Roger, but with how physical his game is and the injuries he's been battling the last few years, I think he might have one more and that'd be on clay where he's dominated.


Stan and Murray continue to be on the outside looking in, the well established stars who picked up a Slam here and there, yet never seem to be the steady rival the Rogers, Rafas or Novaks of the world need. Murray has looked pretty good though so far, so he would easily get to the semis again, setting up a rematch of the Aussie Final with Novak.


Suffice to say, this year leaves plenty of room for underdogs to come out and make a name for themselves. Del Potro, Tomic, Therin, Tsonga, and Monfils to name a few have a good shot to push through, though I'd love to see a Yank like Querry or Isner end the decade and a half drought since Roddick won.

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On 8/30/2016 at 2:08 PM, RyanMcD29 said:

Going to be going to Primetime at the Open tonight for my first trip to see the US Open in person. Looking forward to it!


Yea, Murray looked solid last night from what I saw. Good work of the angles and shots up the line, which was nice.


If you get a chance, check out the highlights or full match from Round 1 of Isner/Tiafoe. The young guy came out with piss and vinegar and gave Isner a run for his money. Hell of a match to break in the new Grandstand. 

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16 hours ago, 2001mark said:

Milos, hope his big frame doesn't stunt his future.  Nearly beginning to think 1 major victory will be all she wrote.


I suspect he was playing hurt. No disrespect to Harrison but he was supposed to creep up the rankings a few years back and I don't see Raonic falling that far from a Grand Slam final unless he was really hindered. 

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