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Seagram's Ginger Ale gets new look


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1 hour ago, EddieJ1984 said:

I really like the newer one better, the horse looks nice, never cared for the last one, the only thing is, people usually associate white labels with diet soda's.


It does seem like Colas have a color coding system

Silver/White = Diet

Black = Zero Calories

Bronze/Gold = Caffeine Free

Green = Lemon/Lime, Ginger Ale


Yeah people will no doubt complain about this. It's unfortunate, but really how difficult is it to look at something before you buy it.

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2 hours ago, EddieJ1984 said:

 ...people usually associate white labels with diet [sodas].


Exactly.  I drink only diet caffeine-free sodas, so, consequently, a lot of diet ginger ale.  Several times I have picked up a 20-ounce bottle of Seagrams only to be shocked by the "210 calories" marker on the label. 

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They should go with a gold background to avoid diet confusion. Gold is caffeine free, and ginger ale is caffeine free normally.


It'a gear grinder of mine when the regular and diet versions look too similar. Color meaning aside, the white and gray look very similar in these photos.

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