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World Football League- renewed and extended (whole league)


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3 minutes ago, osctheg said:

memphis and honolulu have very similar color schemes


I don't feel so, they even have a quite different tone of brown. BTW I sticked with the original WFL color schemes trying to differentiate it a bit or to adjust the color saturation like I did for SoCal magenta. I decided not to change color schemes to original conference teams even if they were bad or all the same. 

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1 hour ago, eick74 said:

Memphis's updated font makes the numbers too short on the jerseys. They look like they need to be stretched to make them taller.

Thanks for the help , I'll make the numbers taller.  <_< That fatty font!

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Florida Blazers


The blazing fire of the logo should represent the light of wisdom, the blaze of a space rocket and the olympic flame to represent the spirit of deep sportsmanship and hardworking typical of the Orlando team. The colour scheme is made up of deep space blue, star white and supernova red. A famous feature of the Blazers helmets are the big numbers on the front.


1974 logo 5884.gif





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Vancouver Lumberjacks

The Lumberjacks unveiled their brand new identity as the first team outside of the original 1974 league (although playing in the original conf.), an identity where wood and plaid play a main role.

Instead of a proper striping, the team went with a futuristic plaid pattern hinting to lumberjack shirts.

The secondary logo, featured on the pant side and visible on the scarf, was designed to make the ball inside the capital V look like a pine cone.

The color scheme was originally with red instead of green with the last one just as accent but due to the already high concentration of red in future canadian concepts I decided to remove red from the color scheme. Lumberjacks colors are officially Bark Brown, Evergreen and Light Wood.

The scarf motto mocks Vancouver proper motto, "By Sea, land and Air We Prosper".






The font used is Conrad's Phoenix Coyotes.

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Ottawa Canadians

The team from the capital city of Canada could not be less patriotic than this! The team sports red and white, canadian flag colours, with the addition of black to modernize the colour scheme. The maple leaf is a major feature of this identity including the main logo. 

Being a bilingual city it was decided that merchandise would be distribuited also with the french naming although the primary names remains the english one. 

Pants are completely switchable between unis but I tend not to have one colour kits, I prefer a bit of movement on there ^_^.

The scarf motto is another time taken from the city motto, wich is "Advance-Ottawa-en Avant", IMO a clever way to have both english and french together.








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Calgary Express

This identity is heavily based on the Royal Canadian Pacific train that starts its journey to the Rocky Mountains right there  in Calgary. In the past express intercontinental trains of Canadian Pacific from Montreal to Vancouver passed and stopped in Calgary but since the moving of the main line up north through Edmonton and Jasper only recreational or holiday trains leave Calgary heading towards the mountains. 

The helmet wings are the same as the real CP locomotive striping.

As already said the color scheme is the same as the train coating which consist of Glacier Powder Blue, Rockie Maroon and Dominion Gold.







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Toronto Reds

The Reds identity is based on the world-famous "Red Serge" Mounties uniform. They sport a red jersey with dark blue trimming and blue pants with a kakhi stripe. In the original RCMP uniform the stripe on the pants is golden but as kakhi looks a bit like dark gold for the sake of simplification I used kakhi also for the golden trimming and badges. The shoulder patch was inspirated by the marksmanship badge on some RCMP uniforms.

The away jersey is based on the everyday working uniform of the Mounties, being a white shirt with dark blue accessories. The away shoulder patch is a lance corporal badge. I chose that rank as I thought of the players as a bunch of cadets seeking out glory.

The official color scheme is Britannic Red, Midnight Dark Blue and Military Kakhi.







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