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World Football League- renewed and extended (whole league)


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4 hours ago, Pulv! said:

The upper trim definitely looks a bit like devanagari but the dots are a unique features of arabic. I struggled quite a lot to find a font that was legible yet close to arabic. If you know any it could help ^_^

After looking at other fonts online, I think you made the right choice. I didn't actually notice the dogs until you pointed them out, But now that I see them I think it works fine.

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Cape Town Penguins

The southafrican team identity is based on the African Penguin (which in italian is actually called Cape Penguin). These birds are common on many spots of the coast of both South Africa and Namibia, like the stunningly beautiful Boulders Beach, and are close cousins to the patagonian Magellanic Penguins. As a secondary logo it was chosen a penguin footprint to symbolise the difficulty to step on the field for a game, exactly like these birds have to walk on land. The colours of these particular penguins are black and white but it was decided that they would have made the identity quite dull so instead of black a shade of blue called Ocean Cape Blue was selected.

The scarf spells both in english and afrikaans "Good hope is enough" meaning the hope to win but also linking to the fact that Cape Town is so important due to his closeness to the Cape of Good Hope.









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Lagos Eagles

Old Philly Eagles fashion is definitely here but it was just right as kelly green and white are the colours of the nigerian flag and an eagle is just standing right on the nigerian coat of arms (not to mention that the nation's soccer team is nicknamed Super Eagles ;)). The logo was designed to convey power but also speed, so a linear design was the right choice. The helmet wing motif is used also as a shoulder logo to underline the idea that Lagos players are the human embodiment of an eagle, spreading wings to catch passes  and diving to touchdown.







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21 hours ago, ClipDodgeCharge said:

I'm in love with this


15 hours ago, CheeseBurger22 said:

The Eagles are simple, yet sharp at the same time. I love the primary logo. 


Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep it going and next should be Cairo Pharaos.

If anybody is interested in having a signature of one of my teams I'll be happy to make one for you!

Here you have some examples...










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On 9/30/2017 at 4:44 AM, ClipDodgeCharge said:

You seem to outside yourself each new design, hope you could add a Tel Aviv team

There will be room for expasion in the future for sure!

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Cairo Pharaohs

A team from Egypt deserved to be called the Pharaohs, in honour of the mighty rulers of this land in ancent times. The main logo is designed after the very same Tutankhamon mask, global symbol of the refined egyptian arts. On the helmets the Eye of Horus symbolises the ever watchful king or, in this case, player. The pyramid pattern is repeted to underline the importance of those artifacts in the study of ancient egyptian history. The color palette is made of Desert Gold, Lapis Blue (darker) and Pharaoh Blue (lighter).

The scarf motto mocks the nickname of Cairo "the city of a thousand minarets".










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Dakar Lions

This team from Senegal decided to use the lion as their symbol for the stregth and courage it represents. The logo is designed to mix modern lines with a traditional wooden carved mask feel. The colours are chosen from the country flag but those colours are also an important heritage for all subsaharian states. Sunset red to represent the setting sun on the ocean, Savana yellow to represent the burnt bushlands of the mainland and forest green to represent the life-important source of wetlands and forests.

The scarf words are taken from Senagal's motto which is "one people, one goal, one faith".







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1 hour ago, CheeseBurger22 said:

I really love the color scheme and word mark you chose, it really makes the team pop. The color balance in the uniforms is also excellent. Not too much of one color, but not too little. 

Glad you think it because I spent a long time trying to balance them, 'cause they are great colours but red and green for example blend together in an odd way.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for the delay on this one but I had a troubled month.


Casablanca Touaregs

Tuaregs are known as the "blue people" for the blue indigo head garment they use to protect themselves from the scorching desert sun as the desert they live in is the biggest on earth (you named it, the Sahara). Tuaregs are mainly located in southern Algeria and Libya and northen Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso but a small population canbe found also in the moroccan sahara. The team name goes with the french spelling with the added O as french is the most spoken european language in Morocco. The colour scheme is inspired by traditional outfit and imagery so the main colr is indigo blue. The five pointed star is the same that can be found on the moroccan national flag ad is known as the seal of Solomon.







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Here you have the helmet logo with a white outline. I prefer the one without as the shadows of the logo mix with the background as it would really happen during a desert night. I feel like with the white outline the logo looks like it was just slapped on there. But I'd like to have some feedback on this matter. Better with the outline or without?




Maybe the indigo outline?




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Salute the first team of the Indopacific conference!


Mumbai Elephants

Elephants are so important in indian culture that the Indian team nickname was a easy pick. Elephants are huge, stubborn and dutiful animals and they say they even learn to share a bond of affection with their keepers and riders. Indian elephants are a bit different from the african ones, being smaller and with a different shaped head.

The color scheme was chosen from the indian flag but also from the landscape of the area. Bright green stands for the lush forests and fertile soils, especially after the monsoon, and Earth orange, well, stands for the dusty red terrain dried up by the sun.

The scarfs words are linked to one of the many nicknames of the city, the city of dreams, due to the fact that the big city is full of opportunities and jobs, not last the famous Bollywood filming industry.







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