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Using Adidas Features Successfully in the NHL (Predators Added)


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Hi all-

Adidas stirred up the uniform conversation when they announced the WCOH uniforms in March. Throughout the design community, they were mostly met with disapproval, but they introduced some design features that I'm experimenting with to redesign some NHL teams.


First up: the Nashville Predators:


One of the most talked about features is the addition of the Adidas 3-stripes, put on the side panels. This template didn't work with hem stripes, so teams opted for a simple design like Sweden, where a hem stripe interrupted by the side panel could be seen. This feature can be used tastefully, as I've shown here with Nashville, swapping the three stripes for a design similar  to the tooth in the PredHead.


C&C Appreciated!

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30 minutes ago, Seattle1917 said:

I like this as a concept, but would never want the Preds to wear this, or any team for that matter. Also since when did Cam Ward play for Nashville?

Used random name generator for this, guess it wasn't the best decision; I'll update it eventually.

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