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Achual High School Uniform Possibilities


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My High School has a tradition where the senior captain design the home uniforms for the next season. Figuring I'll be a captain for my senior year I'll be designing the uniforms, and all my friends know uniform designing as a hobby of mine so if I'm not a captain the captains will make me the designer. So here is what last years uniforms looked like...

Screenshot from 2016-08-16 19-44-37.png

And i don't have pictures but here is the ugliness they decided as the helmet for this year.

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 21-25-12.pngScreenshot from 2016-09-01 21-25-32.png

So when me and my friends on JV were laughing at how stupid the Uniforms are we decided to take a solid 2 years (were sophomores) to perfect our uniforms.

Heres some Mock Ups including a throwback look and a modern "UB" look

Depew Home.png

Depew Home2.png

Depew Home3.png

Depew Home4.png

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