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Columbus Blue Jackets Concept Logo (w/ Uniform Options)


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Over the past few days, I've been working on this little project. The military style of the new Florida Panthers logos and uniforms inspired me in the design process of all of the aspects of this concept. The badges on the arms, the striping, the numbers on the shoulders, etc. While I do appreciate the military influence the Panthers incorporated, I believe that it makes a ton of sense for the Columbus Blue Jackets to adopt a similar style. So, I came up with a Civil War-eque badge that could serve as a secondary logo for the team. 






I created a simplified, minimalist cannon logo that is based off of their current alternate, and created incorporated it into a badge that is similar to the ones worn on the sleeves of generals in the Union Army. 


And with that, I came up with 4 different variations of uniforms that were based off of a previous concept of mine. 


Option A





Option B





Option C





Option D






Which one do you like most? All C&C is welcome.

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I like A or B, but leaning toward B. You have the cannon on the arm patch so having it on the front is a little redundant. 


I feel it's an unpopular opinion but I like the single small tail stripe. Sure it can be misused or overdone, but I works well with certain teams. With that said I think the home version of B could use a red collar to tie that in with the tail stripe. 

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I feel like the logo needs some more white in it, but not sure how. I like the stars. Maybe the hockey sticks in the top two stripes like there is in the unused logo like this one?  


Theres some space below the cannon, maybe the red buckeye dot outlined in white?

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Not to over complicate things, but C is my Clear favorite, they need to work that logo in. The military logo seems kind of flat to me I would also try working more white in, maybe the middle of the three lines on the bottom. That being said, these show a lot of thoughtfulness and I love all four jerseys and the logo save minor tweaks. Great job, really

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Option D all the way. If there's anything to fix on the logo would be to try to eliminate some of the negative space. Narrowing the logo could be a solution. Also, the red blends in somewhat with the navy and I think adding some white here and there could help that out. It's a great logo, though.

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Ok, so I came up with two new visuals to show the differences between the two popular options (B and D). 


Option B:




Option D:





I really can't decide which I like better. D is very "ohio" and represents the team very well, but D is also very simplistic and less cluttered imo. What do you guys think? Also, I tried playing around with the logo a bit and can't really find a way to reduce the amount of negative space and lack of white without making it look atrocious/cluttered/etc. Any other suggestions?

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Seeing it on a player model D looks better. 


For the logo, what if you put white between the red stripes to match the jersey stripes?


also still feel the collar area of the home needs red to balance things out. Even if it's just carrying over the red triangle to match the away. 

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