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Favorite album covers


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Unlike the other semi-related threads, this one isn't about the quality of the album itself. Heck, it's not about the quality of the artwork either so much as your enjoyment of said artwork. Here are some of my faves, with more to come in time. A lot of my favorite album artwork comes from Beach Boys albums, which isn't surprising given that they're one of my all-time favorite bands. For this post I'll only do Beach Boys albums, with other bands' albums to come in the future:


"Carl and the Passions - 'So Tough'" (1972)




"Friends" (1968)


Artwork on this one is a lot more psychedelic than the music.


"Sunflower" (1970)


This one may be an unpopular pick art-wise but I love it - the guys with their kids. There are lots more great photos on the inside too. Incidentally, this is probably my second-favorite Beach Boys album behind "Pet Sounds."


"Keepin' the Summer Alive" (1980)


Bad album, good artwork. I should add this to that thread too.


"The Beach Boys" (1985)


Very, very '80s, in a not-bad way. The artwork on this is much like the harmonies on this: realistic, but still weirdly synthetic (in this case it was a painting; in the latter, who knows, but the backing vocals sound weird throughout this whole album).


"That's Why God Made the Radio" (2012)


I've liked this artwork since the album first came out...though not as much as the artwork on the compilation released the same year:


"50 Big Ones" (comp., 2012):


Yes, a bit gimmicky, but full of color, plus it has the band's iconic logo, which is always a nice thing to have.


"Sounds of Summer" (comp., 2003):


Classic artwork for a classic compilation.


I'll probably add a couple more BBs albums to this thread but there will be a bunch from other artists in the near future. For now, I'm going to bed. I'd love to see some of your picks tomorrow!


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