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Since the Flyers unveiling of their 50th anniversary jersey, I decided to fix that one, and make more for each team. Each jersey is below.



Jersey Pres.png

The Flyers jersey they announced wasn't bad, but it could have used some work. That's what this one improves on, by making the black waist stripe bigger, and adding gold highlights to the arm striping, waist striping, and shoulder yoke. Simple changes that I think improve the jersey.



Jersey Pres.png

This is a mix of eras, but is obviously inspired by the 90's more than anything else. The striping is essentially the same, and the red is reintroduced for the first time since 1998.



Jersey Pres.png

Again, this one is a mix of eras. The powder blue returns from their founding, and the striping from the Robo-Penguin era returns. I wanted to go the route of throwing back to the 80's, but considering the team already made those jerseys their full time home and road, I figured this was the best way to go.



Jersey Pres.png

The gold is strong with this one. The Kings seem reluctant to go back to the yellow and purple for more than one game, and as much as I wanted to go that way, they already have the throwback jerseys for that. These are classic, but simple and elegant.


Alright, that's that! Let me know what you think!

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