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Las Vegas Knights (Updated)


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Here is a new project that I've been working on (the title says it all). We all know that Bill Foley has close ties to Army and that he prefers the name "Black Knights" over any for his expansion team in Vegas, but for whatever reason they are having trouble copyrighting the name because of the London Knights (who cares..?). A bunch of different variations of the name has been bounced around, but in the end, I still expect them to stick with "Knights" because of how simplistic it is compared to "Sand Knights", "Desert Knights", "Golden Knights", etc.


Keeping in mind Foley's relationship to Army, as well as the confirmed color scheme the team will be using, I came up with this concept. I was inspired by a bunch of different things, including @sparky chewbarky's work, Rutgers' Scarlet Knight head logo, the Army athletics badge, and more.  When you take a look at the logos and marks, try to point out the different easter eggs that have been incorporated into these designs!


You can check out the rest of the secondary/tertiary logos and branding that I came up with here on my Behance profile.


Primary Logo:










C&C always appreciated

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2 hours ago, B-mer said:

Overall very nice. Love the old Kings style yoke. I would like to see how a gold yoke on the home might look. 


Black on black numbers probably wouldn't really fly. 




2 hours ago, Jvhn177 said:

white jersey looks fantastic, white numbers on black jersey would be better


Thanks for the feedback!


I was sort of going for a military/stencil style for the numbers. IMO, white numbers with gold trim look a bit clunky (the colors bleed into each other), and plan white or gold looks bare).

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Alrighty, here is an update to the uniform set. On the homes, I changed the numbers by switching them to gold with a darker black outline (sort of like the Team North America NOB), and also fixed the issue with the pants stripe. I made the stylized sword go down the side, which eliminates the discontinuity of white between the two sets. No changes were made to the road, other than adding the new set of pants. Let me know what you guys think of the update.






Any feedback on the logos? Not sure if you looked through my behance post, but there are larger images of the secondary and tertiary logos (some more easter eggs within the logos can be found there ;) ).

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I thought Knights was out because they can't use it in Canada? 

I really wonder if this works in Vegas after the novelty wears off. How many out of town hockey fans will go to games? NFL makes way more sense since the NFL is hugely popular, and it's only 8 or 10 games. 

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