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Ontario 150 (anniversary logo)


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18 hours ago, kroywen said:

So rather than going with some trillium-based design, they go with... this? Ugh. 

Well, the Liberal gov't ditched the ideal (rounded off) trillium logo years ago now, & we're stuck with the 3 ppl in a hot tub logo, which actually makes the trillium look like a prickly poison ivy.  

quick search you'll see both


This 150 looks like a hipster logo for some wannabe underground indie film fest.


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The other thing, from a complete outsiders' perspective - I get celebrating the founding of Ontario in 1867, but isn't 1791 a bigger deal for Ontario itself (when Upper Canada was split off from Quebec)? That was the first time that English-speaking (and Protestant) colonists in the area had their own colony and their own legislature, and was the predecessor to modern-day Ontario.

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It is but it got re-unified with Lower Canada (Quebec) in 1841. It was only split off again in 1867, as a consequence of Confederation. Had there been an unbroken lineage from Upper Canada through to Ontario? Yeah, 1791 would be a more important date. That twenty-six year gap is what makes the 1867 date the important one though.

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Saw this for the first time during the World Juniors. I keep seeing a bicycle.


Also, to my knowledge, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Québec don't have 150 logos.



I know we went over all the proposed logos in the Canada 150 thread, but holy crap did they pick literally the worst-possible design. I think this one's beautiful:




Granted, you'd probably run into trouble when scaling it down, but I'd buy a t-shirt with that on it in a heartbeat.

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