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Hartford Whalers Redesign


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Here's another Hartford Whalers redesign, but this time with a Nike Swift template.




I know it's generally frowned upon to go modern with a classic team, but I think the cut-off arm striping is a step forward. It's really a fairly subtle difference that combines the classic and modern aspects of design. Besides, It's a new idea that I wanted to try out.


What are your thoughts?

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I wouldn't sweat doing modern for a classic team, because the Whale was never a classic team anyway. If anything, they were historically a little unconventional with the head-to-toe pea green, the Cooperalls, Pucky the Whale, and of course Brass Bonanza if you want to go past uniforms and into identity. I think if the Whalers had stuck around, you would have seen them swap out the conservative navy blue uniforms and brand themselves as an alternative team for alternative people -- kind of what they became in death, essentially, but seeing as they were just as much a second-in-market team as they were a small-market team (their territory was coterminous with the Bruins), it's not a reach to see them in that White Sox/Nets territory of trying weird stuff.


So I wouldn't be afraid to try weird stuff with the Whalers. I think this is actually a little safe. If you embraced Pucky, maybe used the old Hurricanes numbers (which, for New England continuity, were also the Patriots' numbers at the time), you could come up with an alternate history of the Whalers that makes a little sense.

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