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NHL City/Team Flags

MC Buffalo

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OK, so piggy backing off of my NFL City/Team Flag project. Here is the NHL.

I added one element to this one. Each team will have four flags.

1. City Flag

2. NHL Team logo incorporated into Flag,

3. NHL Team Logo incorporated into Flag, Flag re-colored to match NHL Team's Logo Colors

These were what I had included with the NFL post originally.

Adding the following, thanks to a request/suggestion from eich74

4. NHL Team Logo recolored to match City flag, then incorporated into Flag.

To make each post a little smaller, I will post two teams at a time, this will still be 8 graphics in each post, but less than the 12 doing a whole NFL division at one time.

And instead of the boring alphabetical order, I am going in order based on Final Division Standings in 2015/16

I hope you Enjoy!....



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5 minutes ago, Darknes said:

Why not try using the Uniondale Flag for the Islanders, give us a little variety?

Actually, I was thinking about using the Manhattan and Brooklyn Flags for the Rangers/Islanders respectively, but those are Boroughs that fall under the New York City blanket.

Manhattan flag wouldn't have changed the Rangers Concept, it's the New York City Flag with a different crest in the middle. The Brooklyn Flag is definitely different, but decided to stick with the "official" Cities for the project. For the original NFL project it i used Stadium locations, it would really have changed things a lot, since I would have had to use Foxboro instead of Boston, Orchard Park instead of Buffalo etc... The NHL arenas are more often in City Centers but just an executive decision I made so I stayed consistent.

Does Uniondale even have it's own flag? I know Nassau County does have one, it's Islanders Orange with County Seal.

Now I'm starting to feel like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory... "Fun with Flags"

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4 hours ago, Darknes said:

Why not try using the Uniondale Flag for the Islanders, give us a little variety?

Uniondale does not have its flag...it's a town not a city (I'm from Long Island so...yeah I kind of have to know this stuff


also the Isles should've been on the flag of Brooklyn

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3 hours ago, MC Buffalo said:



This is my favorite, thus far. Bravo, Sir, these are great. This one being my favorite is saying something, since it has to overcome my somewhat irrational hatred towards Buffalo.


Can't wait for the rest. Keep cranking these out, do other leagues, hell, even some minor leagues would look outstanding.

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