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NFL Color Rush 2016 (Week 15 Rams/Seahawks)


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I'm a few weeks late to the party but oh well, at least I showed up. Anyways, I like the idea behind the Color Rush games, but think the exection is a few pennies short of a dollar. So basically, I'll take a matchup and make it look all colorful. I'm staying in the lines on this one, meaning I'm working within the Color Rush rules, which unfortunately means I have to obey the one helmet rule. Except the one difference is that regardless of design, every team will be on the Vapor Untouchable template. 


So starting with the first CR game: Jets vs Bills: 




So this matchup last year was my personal favorite of the CR games, except for the fact that the colorblind community had a tough time with it. 


-all blue for the bills, nothing too new except the facemask is blue

-jets go all kelly green (the better of the greens) with the striped socks. 


Don't like blue or green, I have a solution : 




So we go red vs white. Kind of defeats the idea of "color" rush but we saw what Red vs Green did... 


-same thing for the bills with a red facemask

-also same for the jets, with the white facemask and striped socks. 


C & C on these, and Houston/New England will be up next. 



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Moving on to the next matchup: Texans at Patriots




Doing this one as a full on Color Rush would be tough. The colors are so similar between both teams that a full CR would be probably impossible. But hey, we can dream.


-I saw not a lot wrong with the Pats, but going the full nine yards on the throwback inspiriation would have been nice

-Striped the helmet, pants, and socks throwback style. 

-Texans basically wear the Battle Reds




Flipped colors. Not much changed




And since one team would IRL have to wear white, both teams get an option. 


C&C Welcome

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It's Thursday! And I'm actually on pace with the Color Rush now. 




This one probably couldn't happen because aqua and orange are probably too close to green and red. But it's still fun to wish it could happen. 


-Since the Dolphins wear aqua over aqua from time to time, I made a few changes. 

-Since the name of the game is COLOR rush, I flipped the use of white and orange. Also added stripes to the socks to break up the monotony 

-Bengals look good as actual tigers :D

-In all seriousness, dumping the side panels makes a world of difference on Cincy's uniforms. That and a block number font, which I outlined because white on orange was a little hard to see. 








Option #2 pits the orange clad Dolphins against the all black Bengals. Not a bad look, though maybe aqua vs black could work.....




I don't know why I didn't think this combo would work. Oh well, we all have moments like that. 


C&C welcome! Oh, enjoy the Dolphins/Bengals, because I'm not a fan of next week's matchup. 

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The Dolphins should have definitely gone with teal rather than the orange popsicle uniforms they trotted out tonight. If a team was going to wear all white, why didn't they choose Miami? I actually liked the Bengals "white rush" uniforms, had a nice feel to them, but I do like your black concepts better.


Nice work, keep it up.

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Alright, didn't mean to be gone this long, but here's tonights match up, which I'm not huge on from a designer standpoint. 




Alright, this one was not fun for me. Mainly because I hate both of these teams, but more than that, this matchup is just not aestetically pleasing. 


-Cardinals go red like they should've done in real life. And since the name of this game is COLOR, black and white flip importance. 

-In this case, Niners go gold (shudders). IF it was gold, it would look good, but that unfortunately is khaki. 

-Niners socks get striped so it looks .01 percent better. 


Ok, that one isn't fun, what about this one? 




I lied, this one sucks too.




Ok, not bad, but can't go red/red so it still loses points in my eyes. 




Well, I was hoping to avoid white, but this is one matchup that I don't think can avoid it. But the adapted white jersey for Arizona doesn't look too bad IMO


C&C on this :censored:show and hope that next week looks better. 








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Getting close to game time and I almost didn't post this weeks matchup: 




Easily the best match up of the Color Rushes, and no white is necessary 


-not much changes from the real life versions of these






Or you just flipped the colors and get a blue/yellow matchup that doesn't look terribly awful. Just brighter 


C&C welcome as always. 

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If last week goes down as the best Color Rush game of the year, this one might be the second best.




While this particular jersey matchup is probably not doable, gotta love a classic matchup like Bears/Packers


-Bears don't change a lot across the board

-Packers have a few minor changes: numbers and no more collar striping, oh and sock stripes




Also not probably doable because of how close it is to red/green but still fun to look at




Oh look, its that one uniform combo in Madden that makes you shudder




WHAT TONIGHT SHOULD LOOK LIKE IF ANYTHING!! But seriously, why are the Packers wearing white at home? 




And last but not least, tonight's oh hell no combo. 


C&C welcome!




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Ah yes, the ever exciting Jaguars/Titans matchup...




Very similar to last year, but I added more teal to the Jags uniforms.




Or if light blue doesn't tickle your fancy...




White is a color too sometimes




These two might be too close in color but, why not try it? 

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I like the last two Jags ideas best. That mustard they roll out there is just atrocious on an entire uniform. Bleh. I always thought the Titans' powder blue rush uniform was decent if not particularly enthralling.


Nice work again.

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Better late than never.




Okay, not a terrible, awful ...Okay aestetically, this is a nasty uniform matchup. So lets make the best of it. 


-Falcons do what I did for the Cardinals and flipped some colors around. 

-Buccaneers stay mainly the same but I added back the shoulder yokes. 




I feel a straight on color vs color rush could work here. 




Or red vs pewter???




Or the least appealing idea. IMO


C&C welcome!


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