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NFL Color Rush 2016 (Week 15 Rams/Seahawks)


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Please keep in mind that I'm working mostly off of what is currently worn by the team or tweaking the Color Rush jerseys. On that note, here's tonight scrimmage game. 




Tonight's matchup is dark and dreary, hence why the above matchup can't happen. 


-Browns stay the same. Socks get stripes. 

-Ravens have a few colors flipped but also stay mostly the same.


So since that matchup can't happen, here's some more: 




Hey look orange!!




Or Back in Black? 




Hey! White is a Color too!


Anyways, enjoy all of these and hopefully tonights game

C&C welcome as always!

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Keeping things moving right along to tonight's matchup: 




I'm actually a big fan of this matchup as it currently exists, and I think it's my 4th favorite so far. 


-Panthers remain mostly the same overall. 

-Saints go with the whole throwback look, but use the current shade of gold, just to match the helmet (damn the one helmet rule). 


If white isn't your fancy: 




Black on Blue would be a cool matchup IMO




This one does scream a little ew to me, but its a color. 




And because I am contractually obligated (don't believe me) I have to show you the black set for the Panthers. 


Carry on, hopefully enjoy the game tonight, and C&C welcome!!



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Thankfully, the gold in the Saints' spectacular CR set actually wasn't the current beige, it was as close to their original '67 "coppery" gold that they've worn in years. Surprisingly, the helmets weren't far off from the gold in the jersey and pants; not sure if it's the lighting or if they repainted them just for this game. 




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Thanksgiving offered a nice break from Color Rush, but I'm back now!




This one can't happen, but hey lets have fun. 


-Used the Cowboys criminally underrated navy uniform as the base design. 

-Vikings stay mostly the same, white and gold flip places. 




I would never advocate for the Vikes in yellow. 




I'll advocate for the Boys in grey/silver though. 




Can't say the same about this matchup however. 




Or this one. 




Although this one is mighty fine. 


C&C welcome. 





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I MISSED A GAME!! I'm sorry guys. Finals studying got in the way of me this time. Hopefully that won't be the case for this weeks game. 




Easily what should've been the matchup last week. Why they didn't is beyond me. 


-Raiders don't change much at all. 

-Nor do the Chiefs




I felt as thought white was not necessary here. 




Of all the things that should not happen, this is one. 




This is another. 


C&C welcome!!

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Alright. Here we have tonight's eyesore matchup: 




As a Seahawks fan, I love the action green. Do I love it head to toe? No, not really. Though if the socks were the normal color+white, I wouldn't mind action green socks in the rotation. The Rams however need to find an identity and stick with it. 


-Seahawks don't change too much. 

-Rams don't really either. 




Using the helmet navy and the old yellow kind of works wonders. Throw white in there and it would be really good. 




Or if the navy and white tickles your fancy




Or the Seahawks could be boring and navy overload us. 





Or we could let the Rams wear their Color Rush too? 


C&C welcome. 




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