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As usual, I am coming to the game late with a day 1 draft of a logo, but the idea hit me and I had to write it down because it made me chuckle.


Florida State University - Tampa (FSUT)

Colors: Black and Royal Blue

Mascot: "Soot-Foots"

I thought of this being referred to as "Eff-Soot, Soot-Foots" and have the team/mascot be a chimney sweep or a beachbum


FSUT Logo1.jpg

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On 9/30/2016 at 8:21 AM, sleuthpanther said:







I'm very happy to hear there is so much interest! @ZionEagle No there will not, deadlines will only start kicking in once the conference expansion "waves" need to start. As of now, we just need enough people to fill out a conference or two!


I actually had this exact same thought, I think you just caught me being too cute with it! SCAA it is!


So I'll kick this off with my own concept I cooked up, also you all can get a look at submission format and stuff.


Name of University: Serra University

Nickname: Conquistadors

Location (City, State): Ventura, CA

Colors: Brown, Yellow, White


Serra University was founded in 1905 as a private Catholic university, but now accepts a much more nondenominational status and accepts students from across many backgrounds of faith. With a student population of 13,000, Serra transformed the city of Ventura into a bustling and thriving community with plenty of unique opportunities. A culture of faith is still reflected in the school's motto, "Per gloriam et gratiam". Translated into English meaning "Through grace and honor". Serra has embraced Bravo the Conquistador as their mascot. The school received it's latest athletic identity rebrand by Nike in 2015, and any uniforms associated with that rebrand have yet to be revealed. Serra University is proud of their historically successful Men's Football, Men's Baseball, and Women's Volleyball teams, who annually compete in their respective national tournaments.

My school is actually the Serra Conquistadors so this was nice to see.

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4 hours ago, Meh said:

pls include in lakes conference


Sullivan Memorial University

Nickname: Panthers

Location: Chicago Heights, IL

Colors: Black, Gold, Red, Grey, White



Wow creative

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