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"Technical Support" needed.

MC Buffalo

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I really had no idea where to post this, but since it has to do with making concepts I took a shot....


This is a question about templates...


I have an old "layered" template that made it's way around this site around 2006, if you've been around a while you'll remember it.

the file name was simply t_helmet, it was a .psd file and was great to work with because it had so many diiferent editable layers.


I have used this for years in Paint Shop Pro X for a ton of personal projects.


I love some of the newer templates I have seen on this site and at Mockup Arena. I've come across a few that were .psd format and when I open them in Photoshop CS they are layered just like the old one I've always used. However if I open them in Paint Shop Pro X there are no layers.


My question is this, do I need to save these templates in a "special" .psd format for it to work in PSP?


It's just so much easier to work in PSP than Photoshop, not to mention Photoshop can be a real resource hog if I am working on my laptop.


Any suggestions/guidance that anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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