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2016 MLB Post Season Thread


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TORONTO vs. Baltimore 




Cleveland vs. BOSTON 

TEXAS vs. Toronto 

Washington vs. LOS ANGELES

CHICAGO vs. San Francisco



Texas vs. BOSTON

CHICAGO vs. Los Angeles



CHICAGO vs. Boston 




ALCS MVP: Mookie Betts 

NLCS MVP: Dexter Fowler

WS MVP: Kris Bryant 

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American League


Wild Card

Baltimore over Toronto



Texas 3, Baltimore 1

Boston 3, Cleveland 2



Texas 4, Boston 2

MVP: Yu Darvish, TEX


National League


Wild Card

San Francisco over NY Mets



Chi Cubs 3, San Francisco 2

LA Dodgers 3, Washington 1



Chi Cubs 4, LA Dodgers 3

MVP: Anthony Rizzo, CHC


World Series

Texas 4, Chi Cubs 3

MVP: Rougned Odor, TEX


*I should note that my hope is Indians/Cubs, but I'm afraid Boston is too good for Cleveland right now. And this seems like a year Texas could get back in, either way.

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If the Orioles lose, then ill likely be in for a Nationals Blue Jays WS.


I honestly dont hate the Blue Jays, as I typically default to Toronto when Buffalo doesnt have a said team( Argos, TFC, Raptors, Marlies(Rochester has one, but blech for them being a primary(huge bandits fan)) or are secondary(leafs).

Only reason I dont like them is because im likely moving to MD/VA soon for teaching and adopted the Orioles as my AL team

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Since we all know MLB postseason is totally random, I'll be flipping a coin to prove my theory (again).


And your winners are....




Orioles > Blue Jays



Orioles > Rangers

Red Sox > Indians



Red Sox > Orioles




Giants > Mets



Giants > Cubs

Dodgers > Nationals



Dodgers > Giants



Dodgers > Red Sox

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From the MLB thread:


AL Wild Card

Orioles 3-1 Blue Jays

Chris Tillman gives up a run early, but then settles in and shuts the Jays down.  Stroman dominates our offense save for a lone solo shot from Matt Wieters.  The game is 1-1 till the 8th when the O's score 2 runs off of the Jays 'pen.  Britton gets the save.


NL Wild Card

Mets 4-5 Giants

Not the result I want to see, but postseason MadBum is a different beast from regular season MadBum, even if the regular season one was pretty darn good too.  Would love to see the Mets pull this one out but I think the Giants will end up taking this one.



Texas over Baltimore in 4

The O's have been good this year but not good enough.  We struggled against the Rangers earlier in the year and their dominance will show, as they dispatch us in 4 games.


Boston over Cleveland in 4

With virtually all of their starting pitching behind Kluber gone, the Indians have little to no chance against the (sigh) juggernaut that has been the Sox this year.  Side prediction: the Indians' only win comes against David Price in game 2.



Cubs over Giants in 3

The Giants' even year success comes to a screeching halt as they get swept by the powerful Cubs.  Not even MadBum can save them this time.


Nats over Dodgers in 5

This will go down to the wire, but behind Max Scherzer's dominance and a powerful offense, the Nats will sneak by a Kershaw-led Dodgers side.



Boston over Texas in 6

Texas has the players to compete with the Sox, but this seems like Boston's year in the AL.  They will take this one realatively easily.



Cubs over Nats in 5

Cubs are clearly the better team here.  Scherzer might keep the Nats in it, but with the talent the Cubs have, I can't see them not winning the pennant.


World Series

Cubs over Red Sox in 7

I'm picking more with my heart than my head here.  I'd absolutely love to see the Cubs win, but imo the more likely scenario is Boston winning - again.  But I just can't bear to pick them, so I'm going Cubbies here.


World Series MVP: Anthony Rizzo, Cubs


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I made this. 



- Yes I think the Cubs have the parts to win it all so they will probably be this year's version of the random good team that doesn't show up for the LDS. 

- Giants over Mets because of Bumgarner, but ultimately only have one Madbum start against the Cubs and hitting woes will end #EvenYearDevilMagic

- Nats finally put it together to win a playoff series. Dusty Baker finally figures out that you have to manage differently in the postseason. 

- I picked the Blue Jays over the Orioles because I want to see a rematch of last year's ALDS with the Rangers and Blue Jays

- Red Sox come out of the American League just because baseball is terrible and the Red Sox will be this year's BiT team where a rich kid fanbase gets to experience more fun than they deserve. It'll also mean the stakes for the World Series will be super high. 


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