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NBA | Los Angeles Lakers Primary Logo Update

Go Red Sox!

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With 16 championship titles, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most successful teams in the history of the NBA. Their logo is one of the most famous, most recognizable marks in all of sports and therefore should not dramatically revised, let alone rebranded – never – no matter how many rebuilding processes might follow in the future.


Nevertheless, I decided to clean up, update their logo, as much as I thought would be tolerable eventually – even for those die-hard Laker fans.


The black basketball outline and seams are purple now in order to simplify the overall look and gain better color balance. The mark has a gold outline, also to achieve a cleaner look and is slightly modernized by adding a purple, banner-like background for the word "LOS ANGELES". The logo is completely (re)built from scratch.


Colors are unchanged.



Link to the Lakers current mark:





















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