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Indiana Plates with Corporate Logos


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Noticed a FedEx Freight truck with FedEx Freight logo on Indiana plates today.  Noticed UPS ones before but it's the first time I've seen the FedEx ones.  Did a Google search and turned up a whole bunch more (Penske, North American, Allied, Knight, Ryder, etc.) and even one from AT&T.  I'm sure these might prevent theft of plates from other companies, but how much does the state make from issuing these plates, if anything?


From Newswire 2004 within the above link:
State of Indiana and UPS Unveil a New-Look License Plate for the Company's Tractors and Trailers

The state of Indiana and UPS today unveiled a new-look license plate for the company's tractors and trailers. Taking advantage of long-established authority, Indiana has become the first state to offer fleet operators the option of specially branded license plates. UPS, which is licensing the majority of its interstate vehicles in Indiana, became the first operator to join the state's program. The company sees the new tags as a way to further highlight the redesigned shield it adopted in a corporate rebranding last year.

From the Indiana Dept of Revenue - Annual Report - Fiscal Year 2004

Interstate fleet operators in Indiana were the first in the nation to be offered “branded” license plates with their company logos for their tractors and trailers . These specialty plates, offered through the Department’s Motor Carrier Services Division, are expected to measurably deter the theft of semi-truck plates, which average $1,800 each. In 2003, approximately 4,800 Indiana truck license plates were stolen. In addition to saving trucking companies tens-of-thousands of dollars in plate costs, the new plates will also save money in reduced down times when plates have to be replaced stolen -- affected trucks are often out of service for weeks. With the Department’s new program, the State will be able to replace stolen truck plates within 72 hours. UPS was the first operator to embrace the State’s program and is licensing the majority of its interstate vehicles in Indiana. Be sure to look for the new plates on UPS, Penske, Atlas, Ryder and North American semis as you cruise Indiana’s highways.

Since then, several other companies have joined the list of those with special plates.

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