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Nike Aeroswift Basketball Template


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Hi all, I was working on uniforms for my NCFA-Basketball team and decided to transition from Under Armour to Nike. With that, I decided to create a new Nike Aeroswift basketball template, since there doesn't appear to be any good vector versions out there. I plan on releasing the full template eventually, but for now here's a look at the front of the jersey.


I'd love to hear any critiques on the template, and if you'd be interested in downloading it, please leave a comment below! (This isn't the final Erie Tech jersey, by the way, it was just simply to display a simple design on the front.

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Here we are, the first draft with back and shorts.


I had some trouble with the back of the shorts, but overall I think they turned out well. Again, I just placed some Erie Tech signage all over the uniform, this definitely isn't the final, just wanted people to get a feel for it. Comments, critique, etc. are very welcomed. Not sure when I plan on releasing it, or if I'd rather do it from a person-by-person basis.

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