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Candian Football Association a part of the Major League Football Universe- Vancouver Crusaders & Winnipeg Wolves added


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I'm back!!! I had been working on a Spring League for my MLF universe when I got sidetracked on my Canadian League which I have now finished. I was inspired by Chis Clement starting his league for Veras' AFA universe... This is always something I had done when I was into football stats as a kid. I will debut the league logos first. I will then lay out the 10 teams starting tomorrow with the expansion team for this season the Atlantic Mariners.


Brief History: The CFA started in 1957 when the Western Canadian Rugby Football Union merged with the Eastern Interprovidincal Fooball Alliance. The league has kept nine of the ten teams it currently has for its entire existence. Toronto did leave the league after the MLF expanded to Toronto for five years. Edmonton also changed the name of its team in 1965. 

CFA French Logo.png

CFA Logo.png


CFA Football Web.png

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Founded 2016
Based In Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Home Field JB Burns Field
Head Coach Jim Matthews
General Manager Jim Matthews
Owner(s) John Burns & JC Robertson
Colours Silver, Mariner Blue, Nautical Blue, & White
Canada's Cup None


Breif History: Nova Scotia was awarded a Franchise in 2011 to represent the Atlantic region of Canada. JB Burns was the initial owner but died before the team could take the field. However his son, John Burns, and partner, JC Robertson, oversaw the team to make sure they finally played a game. They both agreed to name the new stadium JB Burns Field. Initially Ray Armstrong was going to come out of retirement to coach the team and be the general manager but Toronto swayed him to stay with them. These events led to Toronto head coach Jim Matthews jumping ship after winning his third straight Canada's Cup to become coach and GM of the new expansion team.


Coaching: Head coach Jim Matthews brought his offensive coordinator Rich Mianovich with him and hired defensive coordinator Todd Wylie from Winnipeg to have one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the league.


Offence: The first moves Jim Matthews made was to get his offence going. He offered a huge contract to former UAB quarterback Reggie Blackwell who had spent last spring playing for and leading the Birmingham Blacksmiths to the MLF Spring League Championship. The next move was to get his running back Will Powers from Toronto via free agency. He also landed Canada's own Kevin Coates at wide receiver via the expansion draft. They will need to work on their offensive line next year to challenge for a playoff spot. However they made a nice find in the draft with Terrance Bryant.


Defence: Another area they will need some help is on the defence. The star of the defence this year is unquestionably been defensive back Johnny Boudreaux. The disappointment has been veteran lineman Jabari Bowman who has been in and out of the lineup this season.


Logo: Their primary logo is a stylized A with a nautical star in the middle; The secondary logo is a ships wheel with a stylized M.

Riddell Revo Right Side View copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy2.png

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14 minutes ago, Dan O'Mac said:

Very nice. I'm looking forward to the full set for Vancouver, that helmet caught my eye.

Unfortunately for you that will be the second to last that I unveil but that should not be too long I am probably going to release two per day except on the weekend not sure I will release any on those two days.

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Founded 1939
Based In Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Home Field McMahon Stadium
Head Coach Don Kemp
General Manager Don Kemp
Owner(s) CSG (Calgary Sports Group)
Colours Calgary Red & White
Canada's Cup 9


Brief History: Calgary is one of the oldest franchises in the CFA & has the third most championships with three of them coming in the last 15 years behind the leadership of head coach Don Kemp. The past few seasons have not been as good but most people still remember the days of Hall of Fame QB Ron Patrick who is now head coach of Vancouver.  Don has coached several quality QB's including his son Dave who won a couple of MVPS early in Don's run as coach. Dave also played 11 years in Major League Football for several teams most notably the New York Generals backing up Hall of Famer Gary Millen. 


Coaching: Dave Kemp is the offensive coordinator right now with future head coach tag along side what many consider one of the best young defensive coordinators Demetrius Miles in the game. Dave Kemp has came under fire the last few seasons because of the development of the offence.


Offence: One of the main reasons the offence has struggled is the lack of a big time quarterback. The starter Marquel Kenner has been injury prone and has a tendency to turn the ball over. Kemp traded for Erik LaFon from Toronto but so far he has been ineffective as well. RB J.J. Koons is starting to come into his own while WR's Brett Bryan and Chris Tolliver have proven they can make plays if someone can get them the ball. The line is pretty solid anchored by All-CFA C Dan Keeting.


Defence: The defence has struggled this year because of injuries. CB Willie Fogg & DE Rueben Green have both lost significant time with injuries. They really could use another lineman to step up but they have been patchwork unit with eight starters missing at least two games.


Logos: The primary logo is a C shaped spur.

Riddell Revo Right Side View copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy.png

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Founded 1945
Based In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Home Field The Brick Field At Commonwealth Stadium
Head Coach Tom O'Donnell
General Manager John Hunter
Owner(s) Edmonton Outlaws Football Club (Community Shared Owned)
Colours Outlaw Orange, Black, & White
Canada's Cup





Brief History: The team started out as the Edmonton Grays but changed the name in 1965 to Outlaws mostly to play off the rivalry with the Cowboys... Edmonton is one of the most dominant franchises with 10 Canada's Cups with only Toronto passing them last year. The current coach and GM of Winnipeg Wayne Giordano was the coach for five of them in the 90's to early 2000's. His current offensive coordinator Matt Dutton was the QB of three of them. Head coach Tom O'Donnell has them competing again for championships as they have went the last couple of years to face Toronto in the finals.


Coaching: O'Donnell has a nice staff around him. Offensive coordinator Jeff Constanza is looked at as one of the next head coaches to be pulled from the Coordinator ranks. Veteran defensive coordinator Bob Baczkowski is still going strong having held their opponents to the second lowest scoring in the CFA.


Offence: QB Dave Peterson is one of the most accurate & mistake free signal callers the CFA has ever seen. He played 4 seasons for Chicago Barbarians of Major League Football starting two of those seasons. This season their main problem has been rushing. RB Keenan Harrison has struggled with injuries and has not been as productive. WR DeVonn Elliot has been tremendous as always & WR Mike Morin has showed more big play ability this year. The line is anchored by Canadian Ryan Sewell.


Defence: End Byron Barnette has been a force all season leading the league with sacks at 14. LB Jason Clarke shuts down the middle and DB Antonio Stewart has scored three touchdowns this year on two interceptions and one fumble return.


Logos: The logo is a mans head with a cowboy hat and bandanna around his face.

Riddell Revo Right Side View copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet Alternate.png


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By the way any C&C is welcomed on these! Just for those that did not follow my MLF series I like classic uniforms so you will see a lot of classic styles. I have mixed it up a little but really did not come up with any like Tampa Bay for example.

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Founded 1948
Based In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Home Field Tim Hortons Field
Head Coach Adam Ferrari
General Manager Dave Huff
Owner(s) Bob Weston
Colours Green & Yellow
Canada's Cup 8


Brief History: Hamilton has been one of the best franchises in the CFA going back to the dynasty of the early 80's with coach Don Campbell & QB Marvin Moon who is the all time leading passer in CFA history. The last five years under the direction of GM Dave Huff & head coach Adam Ferrari have been really good as well. They are the last team to win a Canada's Cup that was not in Toronto and had the best record in the CFA last year with a chance to do the same this year. The team is favored to make it back to the Cup after falling three straight seasons in the Eastern Football Conference Championships to Toronto.


Coaching: Ferrari has the youngest offensive coordinator in the CFA with 29 year old Chris Stephenson and the oldest defensive coordinator 66 years old Mike Rogers who currently has the best defense in the league.


Offence: QB Kerry Allen has been the best statistical QB the last five years throwing for 22,552 yards 125 TD's twice throwing over 30 touchdowns in a season. RB Anthony Bell is a beast at 230 pounds and run behind lineman William Chung who is considered the nastiest lineman in the league. WR's this year in Larry West & Cory Smith are inexperienced so Allen has only threw 18 TD's so far this year with Bell having eight of them.


Defence: DT Paul Trembley is considered one of the best defensive born Canadian players ever. LB D.J. Isaac-Ellis is a tackling machine. DB Javon Young is leading the league in interceptions with seven.


Logos: The primary is a 3/4 view of Husky that was updated in 2012 & the secondary is a Husky paw that was updated as well but have used a version of on the helmet since 1961,

HAM Riddell Revo Side View copy.png

HAM Riddell Revo Side View2 copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet Alternate.png


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Founded 1957
Based In Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Home Field Memorial Stadium
Head Coach Pete Mueller
General Manager Kyle Young
Owner(s) Jim Bergman
Colours Montreal Blue & Gold
Canada's Cup



Brief History: Montreal has had a lot of up and downs throughout its 59 year history. Their most successful period was in the 70's under hall of fame head coach Hugh Parker where they won three Canada's Cup championships. The last three years under Pete Mueller have been some of the worst only winning 15 games in that time span. Owner Jim Bergman has given Mueller his full support but many believe a change will be made at the end of this season.


Coaching: Mueller hired his third straight offensive coordinator this season in John LaFrance with the same results. Defensive coordinator Tim Kelly is the former Hamilton head coach but his defenses in Montreal have been at the bottom of the league.


Offence: Mueller was hoping that veteran CFA starter at QB Paul Dennison would be able to help the offence but he only made three games before suffering a seaon ending injury. Backup John Kirsh has been ineffective and rookie QB from LSU Vincent Holland has showed some promise but still needs a lot of experience. Kennedy Hall is a solid center for the line but RB Abdu Okoti-Eboh has not had a lot of wholes to run through. WR Shaman Edwards has been good this season with the 11 TD's.


Defence: Overachiever LB Jeff Rutley is still making plays but underachiever DE Adrian Willis has yet to establish himself with potential he seems to have. DB Deon Lawrence is a playmaker but rarely gets the help to show it.


Logos: The primary is an M shaped fluer de lis that was designed to look like a crown as well

MTR Riddell Revo Right Side View copy.png

Logo & Uniforms Sheet copy.png



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