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CFFL 2016 Media Guide


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I have posted logos and designs from my fantasy football league (CFFL) before.  This year I tried to make a basic media guide.  I have not yet created the text based pages with the team histories and the like, but I pretty much have the graphic components finished.  Hoping I can upload or link a PDF to this site so that it can be viewed, otherwise I will try uploading individual images.   A caveat, not all images here are 100% original.  A keen eye will spot the flames from the Titans logo incorporated into a concept, or the skull from the New Orleans Voodoo, or the stalking panther from the Florida Panthers secondary, etc.   I am trying to work towards all original pieces, and for the most part I am pretty close, but there are a few items which I just have not been able to replace to my satisfaction yet.  Hope that is not a problem.  OK, let's see if this upload works. 

2016 CFFL Media Guide.pdf

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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