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SWFL: Star Wars Football League


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I was gonna wait till after the Lympiad to post this, but what the hey. As a member of @sleuthpanther's incredibly awesome SCAA (Check it out if you haven't), I can appreciate the great feeling of being a member of a league and running a team of your own. So I wanted to create another league of members but with a different twist. That's where the SWFL was born. I don't know how much interest this will get although I'm hoping I'll be able to get as many Sports Freak/ Geek combos like myself involved as possible! Here's a rundown of the league:


16 teams. 2 conferences. Light and Dark. No interconference play. That's the league in its simplest terms.




As is stated above, there will be 16 teams in the SWFL, 8 in the Light Conference, 8 in the Dark Conference. Team names will be the name of a U.S. City or State with a Star Wars character, species, etc. as the team name. I know that Planet names seem like they would make more sense, but not for this league considering it takes place on earth. It is not a bunch of Wookiees or Jedis on a football team, It's an actual football league with a Star Wars centered theme. I don't have it drawn up yet, but my team will be the New York Empire in the Dark Conference. The rest is free for your interpretation! 




The logos can be whatever you want them to be as long as the main logo shows a clear reference to the character(s) and there is an alternate and tertiary. Only Logos for now




One team for one member, unless there aren't 15 interested members during a point I will determine. You can do whatever you want with your team other than uniforms for right now, and I'm really interested to see exactly what identity this will shape into. But again, this is not Vader on a gridiron, it is just a very strong theme. If you are interested, please PM me with your proposed team name, do not post here. Once I approve it, go crazy with logos and whatever else, besides uniforms. If you have any questions, you can PM me or post here and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, because I do surf the boards often (Pun intended if you want).


Please let me know if I missed anything keeping in mind this is very rough right now, but I will go further with ideas once this takes a bigger shape. May the Force Be With You, CCSLC.




Light Conference 


Arizona Speeders @Pulv! Red, Orange, Cream, Dark Gray (Two Suns Field)

Dallas Droids @ramsjetsthunder Gold, Black, Silver (Millennium Field)

Orlando Falcons @Magic Dynasty Silver, Black, Blue (Accents) (Millennium Dome)

Minneapolis Jedi @MJD7 Blue, Green, Tan, Brown (Accents) (Jedi Temple)

Reno Rebels @KCDesign Blue, Red, Gray (Alliance Field)

• ______________ @tpat13

Vancouver Wookiees @Yayay124yay Light Blue, Brown, Orange (Accents) (Kashyyyk Arena)

• ______________ @H11K


Dark Conference 


New York Empire @Bruins Black, Red, Silver, White (Accents) (Death Star Stadium)

Texas Walkers @Bomba Tomba Royal Blue, White, Red

North Carolina Nexus @bucknut42 Red, Black, White, Gray (Geonosian Arena)

Spokane Mandalorians @osctheg Blue, Silver (Death Watch Field at Mandalore Stadium)

Denver 66ers @TheLogoManiac13 Green, Blue, Orange, Black (Felucia Stadium)

Pittsburgh Smugglers @JWhiz96 Black, Gold, White (The Cantina at Mos Eisley Stadium)

Norfolk Fleet @StaatsBrett Red, Black, White (Fleet Stadium)

Toronto Troopers @CoolestSportsConcepts Black, Sky Blue, White, Sand (Imperial Stadium)









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When they start, the uniforms will be the best part of this. Depending on your team name, special jerseys will be made for special games, including a couple ideas I already have, Lightsaber jerseys, White-Outs and Black-Outs, Uniforms based on Iconic Vehicles, and Color Rush, just to name a few. Plus if anyone has any ideas down the road, feel free to post them

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I think this is a great idea. I have a similar idea that i hopefully will launch in the near future. As an SCAA Member i urge anyone who can to join. Unfortunately i cant make a team, but is there any chance I could help with anything else?

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You should also come up with a name and logo for your stadium (not that you have to make a stadium) that corresponds with you team name. This would be a good place to maybe include a planet name i.e. Tatooine Field or Hothdome, or any other star wars related terms, For instance the Empire will Play in Death Star Stadium. 

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7 minutes ago, osctheg said:

im in! 

Spokane Mandalorians

color scheme of blue and silver

logo: boba fett helmet

jerseys: home is blue with silver pants

away is silver with blue pants

alt 1 is green with yellow

alt 2 all silver


Wow thats awesome! Silver alt should be sick


3 minutes ago, Pulv! said:

 My stadium in Phoenix will be named  Two Suns Field


OMG thats perfect :lol:, can't wait to see the logo!

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4 minutes ago, LMU said:

Let it be known that this is solely going to be allowed to survive as a concept series. There'll be no competitive simulation of games.


No prob, might make things too complicated anyway. Jersey matchups would be fine though right?

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