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Quebec Nordiques Jersey + Logo (Update) Phi

Oda Phi

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This is a Nordiques logo that came to me in a day dream, I personally love it. I have made some tweeks, following some recommendations and have given you three different colored combinations. 

I have lots of hope that the Nordiques return and something like this is what they should look like when they hit the ice at the Centre Videotron in beautiful Quebec City.

Please tell me what you think, which colors (jerseys) do you prefer?

*plus Bonus alternete jersey


Original draw'n by hand, this version was created on sketchbookexpress.




IMG_8052 copy.TIF


Quebec Nordiques_21_home.PNG

Quebec Nordiques_22_away.PNG

Quebec Nordiques_1_home_1.PNG

Quebec Nordiques_2_away.PNG

Quebec Nordiques_3_alt_1.PNG

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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