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MLB Rivalry Faceoff - Sweet Meteor of Death Series (Cubs vs. Indians)


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The 2016 World Series will be a historic one, to put it mildly. The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 108 years; the Indians have waited 68. In just a few days' time, the history of one of those long-suffering teams will be changed forever. That's a pretty big deal.


So for this set, I decided to look at some meaningful uniforms the two teams have worn over the last century. Much like my previous entries in this series, these uniforms would be worn a couple times per season, tops. The Cubs and Indians aren't true rivals, but I have a feeling they'll become them after this postseason. Let's start with the Cubs:





For the Cubs home set, I decided to go with a clean, pinstripe-less look based on their home unis from 1945, which was the last time they appeared in the World Series. I used their current primary logo and a white cap with blue bill similar to their 1908 caps. I went with road pinstripes for their away set, but replaced the old "bear with bat" logo with their current "walking bear" alternate logo.




The Indians home set is a combination of two looks: their 1948 home unis and their late '80s "Major League"-era unis. As such, I'm thinking of making this uniform off-white to give it an old-timey look and to separate it from the Cubs home set. Their road set is loosely based on the Cleveland Cavaliers "Pride" uniforms, which the Cavs wore when they clinched the NBA Finals Championship this past June. I'm thinking of adding front numbers on the opposite side of the block "C," as well as eliminating the sleeve stripes to make it even truer to those Cavs jerseys.


I left the road cap blank for now because I haven't yet decided how it should look. I'm leaning towards using Chief Wahoo, so that every cap in this series won't have a "C" on it. As controversial as Wahoo may be, the fact remains that he's been a big part of the Indians identity for the last half century. Any suggestions for the cap would be great.


As always, C&C appreciated!

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1 minute ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

It's probably the most boring rout but I'd keep the same cap for the road as the home with the Indians. I think it works perfectly.


I was thinking about doing that and using Wahoo as a sleeve patch. 

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The World Series is over, but I decided to post a tweak I made a few days ago. The Indians home set is now off-white, and I eliminated the sleeve striping on the road set and added front numbers. I also decided to go with Chief Wahoo on the cap, controversial as he may be, but went with the lighter, less outrageous skin tone of the 1948 logo.


Still not sure the road set is "Cavalier-y" enough, as I feel I could stand to do something more with the pants. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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