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NHL Trio Series (Requests welcome for any hockey team!)


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Lately, I've been working on a bunch of NHL trio concepts: a home, away, and third set, for teams that I think could benefit from a change. They all have unique patterns. So far, besides my first concept, I have Carolina, Los Angeles, Calgary, and Minnesota done. I'm open to requests!






For the primary set, I used a sash to showcase the Sens' current secondary logo's olive branch pattern. I feel their sleek, current font is right for this set. For the alternate jersey, I reused a classic 90s jersey with modernized logos.


C&C Appreciated!

Requests are open as well!

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I think the Kings' colour scheme took a step back when they eliminated purple/forum blue. I used some classic striping, and added the double hockey sticks from the logo I used to give a unique vibe. On the away, I emphasized purple with Reebok's new mega yokes. I remade the Gretzky-Era jerseys for an alt.


Requests and C&C Appreciated!

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Thanks everyone. I'm going to ask you to hold the requests for a little, but I have ideas for every one of them so far, and will be pumping a lot out in the coming days.


On deck and already done:

CAR (Wavy primaries, warning flag alts)

MIN (Centred on hidden elements)

TBL (Lightning stripes on primaries, throwback alt)

CGY (Flaming primaries, throwback alt)

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