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2016-17 Top division soocer concepts (Liga MX 7/18)(Monterrey added) C&C NEEDED


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The other thread I made was too cluttered for my liking, so I decided to just do as many top division leagues as possible. I'm starting with Serie A. First up is Atalanta B.C. their kits this year were pretty good, but I wanted to put my own spin on them. And Yes, I'm aware that they resemble this year's Inter kits, but that just means I'm going to change up Inter.


Atalanta Front.pngAtalanta Back.png

Atalanta Front Away.pngAtalanta Back Away.png

Atalanta Front 3.pngAtalanta Back 3.png




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Since the next three teams were pretty basic, I decided to just put them all out at the same time. For Cagliari, they have a very classic look for their home and away, nothing special, but I felt that their 4th kit this year was too perfect to not include.

Cagliari Front.pngCagliari Back.png

Cagliari Front Away.pngCagliari Back Away.png

Cagliari Front 3.pngCagliari Back 3.png


For ChievoVerona, their home kit goes down to a formula, and it works, but for the away and third, I wanted to switch it up. I added horizontal stripes to the away, and played around with Chievo's original colors for the third.


Chievo Front.pngChievo Back.png

Chievo Front Away.pngChievo Back Away.png

Chievo Front 3.pngChievo Back 3.png


And for Crotone, their kits this year are damn near perfect, so I didn't want to change much, but I'm happy with how they came out.


Crotone Front.pngCrotone Back.png

Crotone Front Away.pngCrotone Back Away.png

Crotone Front 3.pngCrotone Back 3.png


As always, C&C is always welcome and appreciated.

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2 minutes ago, anythinglogos said:

Isn't the Bologna blue a bit too light? Their blue currently is almost navy.


good job on these, love the chievo third


If I may ask, where are you getting all the fonts? 

I pulled Bologna's colors from their crest, so I'm going off that.


Thank you so much! I'm resisting the urge to go crazy, especially since Serie A teams typically have pretty classic looking kits, but also because I hate non-team color kits.


And I'm getting all the fonts either from ttf files, pictures of fonts, or from tracing them off of pictures.

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Just now, ujju2 said:

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but this is my first time looking at this series and I see a LOT of blue and red. :)


Otherwise, it's great.

Unfortunately, a lot of Serie A teams have similar colors, but we're now out of the navy and red teams.

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It's been a few days, so I'm coming back with a bang. I'm back with five teams. Juve and Napoli are the same as my last series, but Inter, Lazio, and Milan are classic, but hopefully original enough.


Inter Milan

Inter Front.pngInter Back.png

Inter Front Away.pngInter Back Away.png

Inter Front 3.pngInter Back 3.png



Juventus Front.pngJuventus Back.png

Juventus Front Away.pngJuventus Back Away.png

Juventus Front 3.pngJuventus Back 3.png



Lazio Front.pngLazio Back.png

Lazio Front Away.pngLazio Back Away.png

Lazio Front 3.pngLazio Back 3.png



Milan Front.pngMilan Back.png

Milan Front Away.pngMilan Back Away.png

Milan Front 3.pngMilan Back 3.png



Napoli Front.pngNapoli Back.png

Napoli Front Away.pngNapoli Back Away.png

Napoli Front 3.pngNapoli Back 3.png

Napoli Front 4.pngNapoli Back 4.png

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