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Padres Swingin' Friar: A Refresh


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Hello All! 


The concept I hope will speak for itself, but I'll throw in some words anyways! 


I've always loved the Swingin' Friar. Every version of it has been on my list of baseball favorites, whether in brown robes, navy robes, or even that burgundy-ish robe he donned for a little while. Though I'm perfectly cool with it as-is, I've always wanted to try out putting my own stamp on it and giving him a little update. So, off I went! I made sure to include a few different color variations (including a personal favorite of mine that doesn't get tossed around as much as it should as an idea: brown and khaki), as well as a nod-to-the-inaugural version with circle included. There's a little something for everyone!.....unless you like orange.....


Well anyways, not much else needs be said! Here's my take on the Swingin Friar!








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Although i do like the update, the friar has kind of a baby-faced Bob Hope thing going on. Not that thats a bad thing? I might lower the hair to separate it from the top of the head a little more also, but this is a fresh, bold update the Padres could absolutely use. Well done

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